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Dual Rear Camera

The dual rear cameras bring an excellent portrait experience to everyone. With A5,
no longer do you need other cameras. Instead, get a stunning cover shot
portrait photo with one simple click.

OPPO A5 Dual Rear Camera

AI Beauty 2.0

Like your personal beauty artist, AI selfie can
recognize your features and then beautify
them using its powerful algorithm. Whether
you are snapped with your other half or in a
mixed group, AI Beauty 2.0 uniquely adapts
for each person.

OPPO A5 AI Selfie 2.0

Snapdragon Octa-core CPU 14nm

Smoother UI transitions, multitasking, and switching between apps are all
supported by the enhanced 64-bit Snapdragon Octa-core CPU. 4GB RAM and
32GB ROM, along with 14nm processing, brings a faster, fluid and
energy-saved operating experience.

OPPO A5 Processor Snapdragon Octa-core

4230mAh Long-lasting Battery

Equipped with a 4230mAh battery, A5 can easily last up to 18
hours. Listen to music? Play games? No problem, never worry
about running out of battery.

OPPO A5 Battery

Fashionable Colors

With an elegant back cover that catches the eye with a subtle yet mesmerizing interplay of
light and shadow from different angles, OPPO A5 ticks all the design boxes. Featuring 2
bold colors, Diamond Blue and Diamond Red, the A5 is a genuine style accessory.

OPPO A5 Color

6.2’’ Super Full Screen

The 6.2-inch super full screen stimulates the senses across all your everyday
mobile phone experiences. Also with a new 19:9 aspect ratio, the A5 gives
you an all-round superior view.

OPPO A5 6.2 Inch Super Full Screen

Speedy Facial Unlock

Fast, convenient and accurate, face unlock is just like saying hello to your
A5. Whether you have wet hands or are wearing gloves, facial unlock can
still unlock your phone immediately.

OPPO A5 Facial Unlock

The Newest Design

The new ColorOS 5.1 brings forth a brand new UI system
and operation interface. Simple, friendly and faster, it’s
refreshing in every sense of the word.

OPPO A5 ColorOS 5.1

Music Party

Time to light up your party! When you want to amp up
your music, the “Music Party” function can offer a fun
solution for you and your friends. Open up a hotspot,
and your friends’ phones can be connected
immediately to play the same track.

OPPO A5 ColorOS 5.1 Music Party