Technology for
Kindness for the World.
Sustainability Strategy
Aligned with our mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, we are committed to integrating social responsibility into business practices, to contribute to the sustainable development.
Operation and Compliance
Build a compliant and harmonious operational environment to facilitate the healthy and sustainable development of the business.
Environment Protection
Build a green and low-carbon business operation model to create an environmentally-friendly value chain.
Caring for Employees
Establish and implement labor standards to build a healthy and harmonious work environment.
Virtuous Innovation
Provide more users with digital convenience through technological innovation.
Ecosystem Engagement
Carry out interactions among core stakeholders to promote the eco-integration and common development.
OPPO Climate Action
Climate Pledge and Low-carbon Development Strategy Preview PDF 11.1 MB
Sustainability Reports
OPPO Sustainability Report 2021 Preview PDF 15.9 MB
OPPO Sustainability Report 2020 Preview PDF 9.78 MB
Policies and Declarations
OPPO Supplier CSR Code of conduct Learn more