Statement on Compliance

Compliance with the law and the principles of business ethics has always been a part of OPPO's Benfen values and the bedrock of our commercial operations. Throughout the company, we maintain a plain and universal commitment to compliance, alongside mechanisms for ensuring compliance. This is a basic safeguard for our business.

Today, the OPPO family numbers more than 40,000 people, and our business spans over 60 countries and regions around the world. The complexity of compliance requirements is increasing sharply with the drastic changes in our markets and the international environment. As a global corporate citizen, comprehensive and systematic compliance management is a fundamental part of OPPO's social responsibility. It is also core to our Benfen values.

We make this undertaking: in every country and region where we operate, OPPO will comply with local laws and market regulations. We will respect local business ethics and the religious or belief ethos. Within the company, we will make continually efforts to manage compliance effectively.

First, OPPO will attain an adequate level of compliance capacity.

This includes expertise in global data protection and privacy, trade compliance, protection of trade secrets, prevention of commercial bribery, and competition law, etc. We aim to lead the industry in compliance, and to this end, we will fully and deeply understand all compliance requirements upon us, and work continually to develop and improve OPPO's compliance program.

Second, OPPO will refine our compliance management program.

We will establish comprehensive program for maintaining compliance operations. We will specify all compliance rules and embed these rules into our business processes and commercial activities. Compliance audits will be used to test and improve our compliance management. Meanwhile, we will build awareness of compliance in our workforce by fostering a culture that emphasizes "I want to be compliant."

Third, we will establish "three lines of defense" for compliance.

By creating dedicated departments and shared platforms for compliance management, OPPO will build "three lines of defense" for compliance risk, comprising business units, professional compliance departments, and audit departments. Compliance management will be the responsibility of all business units, as part of an effective compliance program that covers every part of the company, in which every employee is an active participant.

A good compliance program is the solid foundation on which the company can operate healthily.

On the one hand, Senior management must recognize the importance of compliance and invest resources in compliance on a sustained basis; on the other hand, every OPPO employee should proactively fulfill their compliance obligations, as compliance is a portrait of our Benfen values and a step forward to our vision of a healthy, sustainable company.

—— Tony Chen

Compliance Management
and Enhancement in Multiple Areas

In order to act in line with the Benfen value and strengthen our compliance management, OPPO has established the Compliance Management Committee to manage and supervise global business compliance operations. The Committee is the highest decision-making body for compliance operations. It is composed of the executives of core business units who are responsible for planning and decision making regarding compliance management issues. The Legal & Compliance Department is responsible for the day-to-day compliance operation and will continuously optimize the compliance management program.

OPPO identifies and assesses risk with reference to applicable laws and regulations as well as business scenarios. We have developed control measures and incorporated them into our business activities and processes. This ensures effective compliance management and oversight in each business process. We also conduct audits to verify the effectiveness of our compliance management program and continually optimize the program.

Data Privacy

OPPO complies with applicable data protection laws, regulations, and international standards. We also refer to regulatory agencies, customer requirements, and industry best practices in the countries/regions where OPPO operates. We have set up committees, policies, and control processes to protect data privacy.

Anti-Bribery Compliance

OPPO is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in global business operations and complies with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations. We have "zero tolerance" against bribery and corruption.

Business Secret Protection

OPPO attaches particular importance to the protection of our own business secrets, and we also respect the business secrets of others. OPPO prohibits employees from improperly obtaining, disclosing, using, and disposing of others’ business secrets.

Trade Compliance

OPPO complies with applicable laws and regulations of the countries/regions in which OPPO operates, including those related to economic sanctions and export control. A global professional team has been deployed to track changes in external laws and regulations. Controls have been embedded into the company’s systems and processes to oversight trade compliance in procurement, R&D, sales, service, and other business operations.

Antitrust Compliance

OPPO has always complied with relevant laws, regulations and market rules of antitrust law and is committed to protecting fair competition and consumer interests. OPPO will continue to enhance antitrust compliance.

Business Ethics and Compliance

OPPO attaches great importance to and continually improves employees' compliance awareness. To ensure compliance, OPPO has formulated the Code of Business Conduct and published the Compliance Red Line. We maintain active exchanges and cooperation with partners, regulators, and other stakeholders to enhance mutual understanding and trust.

Code of Business Conduct

OPPO has issued the Code of Business Conduct, which stipulates the code of conduct and ethical standards that all employees must abide by. It covers the basic principles and requirements for employees, external partners, and other public behavior. It is the company's commitment to comply with laws and regulations. It also demonstrates our commitment to business ethics.

To ensure that every employee understands and abides by the requirements of the Code of Business Conduct, we organized global employees to conduct online training and assessment. More than 19,000 employees completed the assessment and signed off the commitment.

OPPO has conveyed the "Code of Business Conduct" with business partners. Currently, it has covered more than 100 domestic and foreign distributors and other business partners. OPPO endeavors to create a fair market competition environment through joint efforts with our business partners.

Compliance Red Line

OPPO released the Compliance Red Line to specify the bottom line that employees should adhere to when conducting business globally. The purpose of the Compliance Red Line applies to subsidiaries and branches directly or indirectly controlled by OPPO. It helps all employees to understand and comply with laws and regulations during global business operations.

  • Corporate Compliance Red Line 1.0 2022-09-23

Compliance Annual Report

OPPO publishes the compliance report annually and continues to invest in compliance operations to ensure that our business complies with laws and regulations.

  • OPPO 2023 Annual Compliance Report
  • OPPO 2022 Annual Compliance Report

OPPO has been certified and audited
by external agencies in various fields:

ISO/IEC 27001
Information security management systems

ISO/IEC 27701
Privacy information management systems

ISO/IEC 27018
Code of practice for protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in public clouds acting as PII processors


ISO 37001
Anti-Bribery management system


ePrivacyseal GmbH

Advice and Reports

To process your request, the information you submitted may be transmitted to our China headquarters for further processing. The information you provide will be handled by our compliance team and will be kept strictly confidential.