OPPO R11 x Spider-Man doodles


Dear media friends,

Spiderman doodles.jpg

Spider-Man fever is in full swing (pun intended) and we’re completely blown away by the amazing artwork submitted by one of our OPPO fans who happens to be a local graphic designer. Marc Yap, who is better known as @hype_mamba on Instagram, illustrated a local series of Spider-Man with images shot on the latest OPPO R11 20MP camera phone.

In case you are wondering what Spider Man would do if he came to Singapore, the drawings perfectly portray him as your average joe, doing ordinary things that us Singaporeans would do, such as chope-ing a table at the kopitiam, eating old chang kee while waiting for a bus, and of course, fighting off bad guys. With Singapore’s National day fast approaching, we think it's pretty neat! Check out the rest of his artwork here.