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  • 2023-08-10
  • The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    Buying a product is unlocking a special ripple in time where a relationship between you both is forged; a relationship between those who live in the present, and the machine that makes it a little better, a little bit more eternal.

    With almost 100 million devices sold since its debut in 2019, the Reno Series is present in the lives of more than 67 million people daily. The series is a versatile all-rounder, but bringing flagship photography to the segment has always been its forte. This is the device for people that want to capture and immortalize the world around them.

    Mobile photography doesn’t exist to exclude people from the present, but to make the most important moments live in your memory’s arms. This extended commitment got the Reno Series the designation of “Portrait Expert”. Daily, more than 2 million portrait photos are shot with a Reno device, a dazzling number that shows the trust so many people place in the capabilities of their OPPO devices.

    Our team of engineers experimented with different designs and configurations throughout the years, but always with the same commitment to cameras and what they could and should do when it was time to make everlasting moments. You can see that since the inception of the Reno Series because it’s part of its DNA. Reno’s history is synonymous with purposeful innovation.

    Charismatic Origin

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    The Reno Series started with an iconic design that allowed for a screen with no interruptions. For the first two models, the 16MP selfie camera was housed inside the devices, popping up from the top whenever a photo was needed.

    With the Reno3 Series, OPPO improved the selfie camera and the design evolved with it. Thanks to its 44MP sensor, moments were transformed into sharp memories. And with the Reno3 Pro, we could find a Dual Punch-hole Camera that housed a 2MP Depth of Field Lens.

    Turn the device around and you’ll find a 64MP main lens, that was capable of producing 108MP photos thanks to the Ultra Clear feature. This was possible with multi-frame composition, and the results were shots that kept the quality without sacrificing clarity and precision.

    (AI) Color Me Impressed
    Hardware is important, but the greatest products need to fuse it with software. OPPO knows that, and with the Reno4 Series, the Portrait Mode was the focus of two new features - AI Color Portrait and Night Flare Portrait - that allowed people to take advantage of the selfie camera in different conditions.

    This happened because the AI Color Portrait was capable of separating the main objects from the background when it came to their color. It was able to make the background black and white, feeding the creativity of many. The other feature, Night Flare Portrait, was created to brighten the photos in low-light environments, adding a neon effect. It was a Series where video was also looked after, with Ultra Night Wide-Angle Video and Ultra Steady Video 3.0 being some of the marquee features. 

    Going back to the hardware side of things, there are two points worth mentioning. When we talk about the Reno4 Series, we are talking about a trio of devices - the regular one, the Pro variant, and the Reno4 Z.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    While the Pro model had one selfie camera and three cameras on the back, the Z presented a duo of cameras in the front and a quad-camera array on the other side. It wasn't a device aimed at all tastes or for all audiences, but it showed once again OPPO’s attempt at something different. Looking back, it was a trio of devices that homogenously sat side-by-side on the line-up.  

    Simultaneously Incredible
    With the Reno5 Series, we got two devices and a tagline that extracted their essence with precision. “Picture Life Together” doesn’t say much, but it’s a different story after you discover that, for the very first time, the Reno Series could shoot from both front and rear cameras at the same time.

    In practice, this meant that you could record what was happening and your reactions simultaneously. The name of the feature? Dual-view Video. And it was not only that - Portrait Beautification Video was capable of identifying age, gender, and other details about the subject of the video. It was supported by Smart AI Recognition and introduced a beauty effect that, instead of being generic, was tailored to the face of the subject in the videos.

    Bokeh Effect? Yes, in Video Too
    The specs of the Reno Series naturally evolved with time. But more interesting than the amalgamation of spec sheets is the understanding of what OPPO did for Mobile Photography during these years. Looking at the Reno6 Series is a clear example of that. Yet again, one of the biggest highlights was camera-related. Introducing the ​Bokeh Flare Portrait Video feature.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    The power of this feature came from Artificial Intelligence and with it, the device was capable of running thousands of computations per second. That was under the hood, but what you could see was the background shifting, being transformed into a more sophisticated look. This was particularly interesting when it could find bright lights in the background.

    To give you just an example, however, of the natural ambition to provide some of the best components, the Reno6 Series also came equipped with the IMX766, the flagship sensor co-developed with Sony, in the main camera of the Pro model.

    More Aperture Levels Than Hours in a Day
    Looking back at the Reno7 Series is discovering yet another bet on the Portrait Mode, this time capable of letting the users experiment with 25-level aperture settings. The already mentioned Bokeh Flare Portrait Video in the previous model was improved too, continuing the bet on the bokeh effects for its video capabilities.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    The Pro model introduced a first: the IMX709 sensor as its front camera. Once again co-developed with Sony, it was OPPO showing once again that these devices are capable of focusing on different sides of photography, including the beloved portraits.

    Smartphones and DSLRs belong to two different realms, but OPPO is bridging a gap - progressively leaving it more and more reachable. “The best camera is the one that’s with you,” once said the photographer Chase Jarvis. And sometimes that camera cannot be a heavy piece of kit. OPPO is invested in giving you the best-best camera that’s always with you.

    The Reno Series is not just about photography, so the camera you have with you is blended with the organizer, the communicator, the Internet window, and the gaming machine you carry in your pocket or in the palm of your hand. Smartphones are catching up with DSLRs, and the Reno Series continued to get better and better.

    Design With Matching Performance
    Intentional design, powerful cameras, and an industry-leading NPU. The Reno8 Series was not afraid to show its presence, because it knew what it could do. More importantly, those who have one, knew what it could do.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    Not one, but two flagship-level Sony sensors, the IMX709 and the IMX766, in the Pro model showcased photographs that could still be captured after the sun went down. 50MP as the main camera in the back and 32MP in the front. More than numbers on paper, clarity in the memories shot with it.

    Doubling down on the photography department, another highlight: the imaging processor NPU. Advanced AI performance that helped with the 4K Ultra Night Video and the 4K Ultra HDR Video.

    Numbers to Match Ambitions
    OPPO is now celebrating the release of the latest Series in the Reno line-up. The Reno10 Series brings to the market a trio of new devices. We started this piece by mentioning that the Reno Series was the “Portrait Expert” and we’ll end by underlining it: the Reno10 Pro+ has a 64MP Telephoto Portrait Camera.

    The OPPO Reno Series is making history. Its own.

    It’s incredible to see - and experience - this kind of power waiting to be explored in a pocketable device. To complement the industry-leading image resolution in portrait focal lengths, the sensor also has an optical coating to help keep the clarity in different conditions.

    The main camera is a 50MP sensor that, just like the telephoto, also includes OIS. Even before you turn the device around to find the 32MP selfie camera, you’ll still find an ultra-wide-angle sensor on its back. It is a well-balanced system of cameras that makes the Reno10 Pro+ a trusty companion whatever the situation may be.

    Different consumers have different needs. The telephoto lenses on the Reno 10 and the Reno10 Pro are 32MP. And, for example, the main lens on the Reno10 Pro has the same 50MP that you can find in the Reno10 Pro+. The whole family of devices packs a punch when it comes to photography, with OPPO making sure there’s a device for all types of consumers.

    A Synchronized Leap
    It’s impossible to compile everything the Reno Series achieved since 2019 in a single article without turning it into a book. That’s a good “problem” to have, but we hope these highlights are capable of illustrating the arch these devices managed to paint during the last few years.

    When you choose a device, you are doing a leap of faith. Even with all the opinions and reviews online, that ripple will always be personal. We hope that seeing these models mentioned could briefly transport you to emotions, memories, and stories you may have experienced a little bit better because of the devices you chose.

    The Reno Series evolved and matured, tested the waters, and broke preconceptions. The specs and features mentioned were evolving with it. It’s a crescendo that is done with an audience of tech-savvy people wanting and deserving more.

    The Reno Series is making history. Its own and hopefully yours.



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