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  • 2023-02-03
  • Why is OPPO developing a robot dog?

    When you think about OPPO, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Premium flagship smartphones? Quality personal audio devices? Sleek, lightweight tablets?

    Whatever it is, it’s probably not a friendly robo dog. If you missed its introduction at OPPO INNO Day 2022 then you’ve probably got some questions, like why is OPPO developing a robot dog?

    We recently caught up with Sheng Cheng, product manager from OPPO's Advanced Technology Team, to ask this question and more! Here’s what we discovered…

    First things first, what's the doggo’s name?
    Quadrupedal Robotic with Intelligent Controller–or QRIC for short.

    Why is OPPO developing a robot dog?

    Introducing QRIC. Remember, a robot dog isn’t just for Christmas…

    Catchy name. Can it give me a paw?

    Why is OPPO developing a robot dog?

    Who wouldn’t want to Hi-5 this K9?

    That isn’t all, is it?
    Of course not. As a ‘companion robot’, most of its functions are connected to human interaction. It can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, and even voice navigation, to perform basic actions like receiving video calls, and carrying out a variety of errands such as picking up packages from a courier or fetching heavy items. Oh, it talks too.

    Watch the video and see QRIC in action!

    Amazing backflip. Anything else QRIC can do that you didn’t tell us about?
    Currently, everything that was unveiled in the INNO Day video is what QRIC can do. QRIC cannot run errands outside its set geographical location like buying a product or medicine in a store. However, since QRIC features multiple advanced sensors, such functions could be developed in the future.

    It all sounds great. When can I get one?
    It’s currently a prototype, but watch this space.

    How does QRIC actually work?
    Experts. Many, many experts from different robotic and AI backgrounds including motion and control, communications and visual navigation systems etc. On top of its complex AI, there are more than six cameras and four ultra-sound sensors, and countless self-developed motors all working in unison that get QRIC moving like a real dog, even on a slope, stairs or navigating other common household obstacles.

    Okay, the big question: Why is OPPO developing QRIC?
    OPPO believes in “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World” and that the purpose of innovation should be to benefit people. Robotics can provide new user benefits and convenience, so OPPO’s investment in this field is to explore and realize the huge potential for users that this emerging technology can bring.

    What’s next for OPPO and robotics?
    The dog form is just one of the form factors OPPO is exploring. In terms of elderly care and child care we are exploring other form factors that will allow for more complex tasks that the role demands. That said, as a companion robot, QRIC can still provide invaluable care and assistance as we saw in the video. With OHealth H1 and other healthcare products on the horizon, we feel OPPO is well poised to offer meaningful innovation to users personal wellbeing.

    Still have some questions or want to know more? Get more information on the OPPO Community: https://community.oppo.com/thread/1242171916702711813




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