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R17 Neo

OPPO R17 Neo - 25MP AI Front Camera OPPO R17 Neo - 25MP AI Front Camera OPPO R17 Neo - 25MP AI Front Camera

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock

A touch of magic

You can unlock your R17 Neo instantly just by touching the screen thanks to its hidden fingerprint sensor. An ultra-photosensitive sensor under the display ensures crystal-clear fingerprint images.

OPPO R17 Neo - Hidden fingerprint unlock

Waterdrop Screen

Design inspired by nature

Precision engineering meets natural perfection in a screen as vivid as life itself. The 6.4-inch waterdrop display front panel, with a screen to body ratio of 91%, offers better game and video play. With more screen space and a compact design, the R17 Neo is just as lightweight as it is advanced.




Screen Ratio

OPPO R17 Neo - Waterdrop screen

3D Gradient Design

Unique from every angle

The R17 Neo’s exterior is meticulously crafted to please the eye, displaying a dynamic color range as it moves between light and shadow. With its combination of original design and cutting-edge IMT gradient construction, no two angles will ever look the same.

  • Mocha Red
  • Astral Blue
OPPO R17 Neo - 3D gradient design
OPPO R17 Neo - 3D gradient design

Front 25MP AI Beauty Camera

Effortless beauty with a click

Your beauty has depth and deserves to be appreciated. With just a click of its shutter, the R17 Neo’s 25MP camera can instantly recognize your 296 facial features while running microsecond analysis of your complexion. The camera is backed up by an AI algorithm which uses more than eight million reference points to ensure every dimension of you is brought into focus.

OPPO R17 Neo - 25MP AI beauty camera
OPPO A7 - 4230mAh battery

AI Dual Rear Camera

Power in your pocket

The R17 Neo’s AI-enhanced dual rear camera makes it easy to shoot and edit mesmerizing photos at the press of a button. With smart recognition for 16 different scene types and AI-enhanced portrait mode with natural depth effects, it’s like having powerful desktop-like photo editing software in your pocket.

OPPO R17 Neo - AI dual rear camera
OPPO R17 Neo - AI dual rear camera

Qualcomm 660 Processor and
4GB + 128GB high-capacity storage

The power to perform

With 4GB of running memory and advanced 14nm Qualcomm 660 mobile processing technology, the R17 Neo is built for fun from the inside out. It also comes with optimized versions of games like Arena of Valor and PUBG:Mobile, giving you fluid gameplay that won’t run your battery down while you dominate your gaming circle.

OPPO R17 Neo - Processor OPPO R17 Neo - Processor

ColorOS 5.2

Smarter and more efficient than ever

New to the ColorOS 5.2 operating system, OPPO’s Smart Bar lets you toggle through apps and functions with effortless freedom. Its new Music on Display means you’ll never have to keep your screen on to listen to music, video audio, or other media. Discover all the ways ColorOS 5.2 uses cutting-edge software to improve the way you live and work.

OPPO R17 Neo - ColorOS 5.2


1. The R17 Neo’s 6.4-inch screen measurement is based on the phone’s four corners occurring at perfect right angles. Due to the R17 Neo’s rounded corners, actual screen measurements will be slightly smaller.   

2. The maximum pixel output of the front 25MP AI camera is about 24.88 megapixels, and actual output will vary with settings and the photography environment.

3. The OPPO R17 Neo uses a combined 16-megapixel plus 2-megapixel rear camera pair.

4. Using a third-party protective film screen cover may impact the phone’s photoreceptive performance and hidden fingerprint unlock functionality. For best performance, using the OPPO’s hidden fingerprint unlock film is recommended.    

5. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to physical objects alone for actual product appearance and details. Certain product specifications and details may vary with changes of suppliers. Please refer to the actual product in all cases. Data presented here reflects the company’s technical design parameters and laboratory or supplier test data. Actual details may vary slightly depending on test software version, test environment, and release edition.