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Mobile Phones For Seniors

Whether you're buying your first smartphone or a new smartphone, your choice may be limited when you're keeping an eye on your retirement savings. After all, a phone can be an important investment, so you want to know you're getting something that suits you. Certain features can become especially important when considering a mobile phone for seniors, so it's important to take this into account and do your research before you buy.

So what should you be looking for? Australia is now spoiled for choice when it comes to phones that are easily accessible and more user-friendly for a senior audience, so let's take a look at the determining factors that could influence your decision.

Larger/brighter screen

For those who may struggle with vision impairments, viewing a tiny phone can be a difficult task, especially those which pride themselves on being small or easy to carry.

Taking into account the phone's potential brightness can prove to be a headache, and it can be hard to perform simple tasks like taking phone calls or sending text messages. As a result, a typical seniors phone may possess a large screen, and feature a brighter display/high contrast, to allow those with poor eyesight to see the screen easier. Other features like screen zoom and enlarged fonts help seniors to see everything a lot easier on their mobile phone, and they can be changed in the settings on most smartphones to suit each individual. 

Large Buttons Versus A Touch Screen

Similar to the issue with small phone displays, a small keypad can be difficult to navigate for those who have never used a cell phone before. It's a wise idea then to look at phones that have big buttons to make dialling or texting a less frustrating experience because you will be able to see the numbers and function keys. Alternatively, you may wish to spend a little more money and opt for a phone with a large touch screen, so that you can see everything on your phone easily and complete any tasks that you need to promptly. Having a phone like this can also make visual interaction more effective and meaningful, so it makes it easier for seniors to connect with their family and friends on their mobile phone.

SOS Button / Speed Dial

If the user is susceptible to medical emergencies, they need to ensure they or their loved ones can contact a relevant phone number as soon as possible. To ensure peace of mind, cheaper senior-friendly mobile phone models may include an emergency button or a similarly structured speed dial. This allows the user to contact a number of their choosing without going through the phone's contact list, which can be hard for seniors to do in an emergency situation. As for speed dial, this feature makes it easy for seniors to contact anyone that they need to by pre-programming any numbers that they may need into their phone so that they can call anyone with just one click. 

Battery Life

No one really likes having to charge their phone, and this is especially important when it comes to seniors; when you need your phone for an emergency and it's dead, this can be a problem!

It's worthwhile researching the battery life of smartphones you intend to look at. While larger, higher-quality options are available, owning one with a battery you need to charge every 6 hours could prove to be a hassle, especially if you need your phone with you at all times. Consider options with at least 10+ continuous hours of long battery life to really get the most out of your phone, without having to stop and recharge throughout the day. If you're buying secondhand mobile phone make sure it comes with a charger so that you can recharge your phone when you need to. 

Camera quality

If you're looking to take plenty of photos on your holiday or grab a couple of family photos with the grandkids, you'll want a phone with a solid camera that can produce a clear and crisp shot. There are many phones with cameras nowadays, but the importance now comes down to the number of megapixels (MP) a cell phone's camera can take photos or shoot videos at. Quality varies from brand to brand, but anything over 10MP for either the front or rear-facing camera is usually a solid option to take decent photos. Also, having a phone with both front and rear-facing cameras makes it easier for seniors to phones with their phones from any angle, so this feature is a must for people that take a lot of photos. So if you're smart with your choices, you won't need to pull those old photos out of your wallet ever again, because you can carry them with you at all times!

Loudspeaker/volume options

If you're someone who is a little hard of hearing, you may need to look for a phone that possesses a loud volume option, particularly if you enjoy watching videos or movies. It's also important if you need to make frequent phone calls, as the loudspeaker may not be enough for those with hearing difficulties. Check for what decibel (dB) level your phone can offer before you make a purchase so that you will be able to hear your phone no matter what you are doing with it. Typical speech sits at around 50dB, so a phone suitable for hearing impaired may range between 20-50dB.

So with these factors accounted for, what are some options for seniors that can cover most or all of these areas?

If you're looking at a quality option that won't break the bank, why not consider OPPO for your next choice? The AX5s is a suitable model at $279, possessing a large touch screen, 64GB of storage and efficient facial technology allowing you to unlock your phone without touching a button. The 13MP rear-facing camera allows for crisp, clear photos while a 17-hour battery life means you can get more out of your phone without hanging around a charger all day.

If you're investing a little more on your next phone, the R17 is one of OPPO's best mobile phone models for an extremely competitive price at $699. Boasting a large 6.4-inch design, a whopping 16MP rear camera and 128GB of storage, the smooth design of the R17 is matched by its power - perfect for seniors on the go.

Contact us for more information, or to find your nearest OPPO retailer to see your potential new phone in action.