OPPO Neo 3  OPPO Neo 3

OPPO Neo 3

Capture the beauty



The Neo 3 is supported with OTG, which allows you to exchange
data between different kinds of devices by connecting your
Neo 3 with your mouse, keyboard or USB flash drive.

You can also charge another Android, Windows or IOS device by
building a connection and supplementing battery power of
devices for people around you.

OPPO Neo 3  HotKnot


With the technology of HotKnot, the Neo 3 allows you to share everything simply by touching another mobile
screen with yours. Enjoy screen-to-screen transmission and effective file transfers.

OPPO Neo 3  <strong>Quick Reach,</strong> by ColorOS

Quick Reach, by ColorOS

Screen-off Gestures

Easily wake up your device by double tapping the screen.
Slide up/down with two fingers to play or pause music.
Draw a Circle to open the camera.
Draw a V to open the flashlight.
More screen-off gesture for you to explore!

OPPO Neo 3  Gesture Panel

Gesture Panel

Gestures are what connect the user to the device and really open
up a wide range of personalization possibilities. The gesture panel
can be accessed via the top left side of the notification bar.

You can use various gestures to open up your selected features and
apps. All gestures are customizable to the individual user’s desires.

OPPO Neo 3  Smart Dual SIM Card

Smart Dual SIM Card

The OPPO Neo 3 supports dual SIM cards.
This allows the user to keep work and social life separate and easily enables switching between SIMs.




Height 132 mm
Width 65.8 mm
Thickness 9.2 mm
Weight 128.5 g