23rd - 25th February 2021
The Interconnected, 
Flash-Charged Future
Explore tomorrow’s technologies with us at MWC Shanghai 2021 Interconnected Life. Experience live 5G demonstrations, see the smart home of the future, and marvel at our concept phone with new Wireless Air Charging.

The Flash Initiative

The Flash Initiative empowers more people with flash charging, as global leaders in chip manufacturing, electronics and automobiles license our revolutionary technology.
We will bring faster charging to every part of life—from the sofa to the office, cars, and public spaces.

Our 5G CPE Unleashes the Internet of Things

5G can unlock new possibilities for the Internet of Things, with faster connectivity and huge bandwidth. And our 5G CPE, Omni, lets users reliably harness this power through its 5G mmWave and sub-6 GHz technology.

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things lets us connect every area of our lives, from entertainment to communication to home management and work.

The possibilities are endless, from the interconnection of OPPO smart devices to the enhanced experience of 5G for working and gaming in the cloud.


Our 5G CPE, Omni is equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G Modem-RF system, and supports dual-mode 5G and 4G/5G spectrum sharing, using both the sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands.

This pioneering technology was perfected through work with Qualcomm, Ericsson and Keysight Technologies, and reaches a downlink speed of up to 6.78Gbps (theoretical peak).

OPPO X 2021, 
with OPPO Wireless Air Charging

Glimpse the future of smartphones and charging technology with the latest evolution of our concept phone: The OPPO X 2021 rollable screen phone, now with Wireless Air Charging.

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Rollable & Comfortable

Our OPPO X 2021 concept phone smoothly rolls out extra screen space, expanding from 6.7 to 7.4 inches.

The leather holster makes it comfortable to hold, and also unlocks our new, more flexible wireless air charging.

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Flexible, Wireless Air Charging

Our new Wireless Air Charging technology uses magnetic resonance. Charging begins as soon as the device gets within a few inches of the charging mat, and users can even play games while they wirelessly charge.

Flash Charging the Future
Thanks to our new project, the Flash Initiative, companies like FAW-Volkswagen, Anker and NXP Semiconductors will bring our flash charge technology to more people around the world.
See what our newest partners had to say about the future of flash charging.
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OPPO Booth Tour
We demonstrated our 5G CPE, Omni, showcased flash and wireless air charging innovations, and displayed new smartphone concepts at our MWCS booth.
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