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  • 2021-02-23
  • Global Collaborations for Global Change

    There are two forces that guide us at OPPO: innovation and people. We want to push technologies forward so that they bring exceptional experiences to each of us.

    But we have global ambitions and we can’t achieve all of them on our own. So, we’ve spent time building a network of partners and collaborators, to help us ensure our innovations reach as many people as possible.

    We’ve carefully chosen the best companies, with the best minds, across multiple industries. And we’ll continue building these mutually beneficial relationships with innovators and pioneers—or ‘win-win collaborations’, as we call them. Along the way, we plan to set new industry benchmarks, build innovative technologies, and enrich the daily lives of people around the world.

    Technologies To Transform The World
    Our R&D teams are the backbone of OPPO. That’s why we’re investing US $7 billion over three years to develop frontier technologies and create unparalleled products. Though we became known for our mobile phones, we’ve broadened our portfolio to embrace wider smart technologies and innovations that help people at home, work, and out and about. Alongside these, we’ve built ecosystems in three particular areas:

    Flash Charging: Announced at MWC Shanghai 2021, our flash charging project: The Flash Initiative  brings together a host of innovators from several sectors. Each is committed to making faster charging a reality for more people, using our VOOC flash charge technology. The group already includes leaders in automotive (FAW-Volkswagen), portable chargers (Anker), and chip manufacturing (NXP Semiconductors), with each company licensing our patented designs. In fact, we’ve licensed our patents to around 40 companies so far. And CTTL (China Telecommunication Technology Labs) will ensure that any new products—built by OPPO or our partners—are rigorously tested and certified safe.

    Together, we hope to free people to use their devices whenever they want, however they want, through faster charging for everyone.

    5G: This technology has long been a focus for OPPO. To date, we’ve applied for 2,500+ families of patents in the 5G field alone, and we’ve declared over 1,000 families of 5G standard patents to the European Telecommunications Standards Initiative (ETSI). We’re continuously running new tests with partners, like our recent 5G standalone voice and data call tests with Ericsson and Swisscom, or 5G SA network slicing tests with Coventry University, Vodafone and Ericsson.

    Our biggest push for 5G came when we launched our 5G Landing Project in early 2019, aimed at working with telecoms carriers to speed up the availability of 5G across the globe. Now, we work with more than 80 operators around the world, including China Telecom, Orange, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, Telefonica and Telcel.

    The Internet Of Things: As 5G becomes reality for more people, we want to bring the benefits of 5G to smart homes, offices and public spaces. So, we developed our 5G CPE unit, Omni, which turns 5G mobile signals into stable, super high speed Wi-Fi that supports IoT devices. And, once again, we turned to our 5G partners, running 5G mmWave tests with Qualcomm and Ericsson to ensure Omni was as good as we knew it could be, and achieving a 5G downlink speed of 4.06Gbps.

    The possibilities that stem from combining 5G and IoT are almost endless. From cloud-based gaming that doesn’t require a console to home energy management, limitless video communication, and virtualised data storage. And because of 5G’s stability and incredible bandwidth, you wouldn’t have to worry about a dropped connection or buffering, whether you’re on the sofa, on the move or stood in a stadium with thousands of other people.

    The combination of these three technologies is perhaps what excites us most: connectivity wherever you are, with the power to do whatever you want. By continuing to invest in our own R&D and build collaborations with the best innovators in every industry we touch, we think we can change achieve this vision. We’ve glimpsed the future, and now we—and our partners—want to usher it forward.

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