OPPO X 2021
Rollable Concept Handset, Unroll the Infinite
OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Phone
Unrolling the OPPO X 2021
What is OPPO X 2021
Explore the Innovations Behind the OPPO X 2021
OPPO X 2021 Tech Innovations
Unroll a Limitless Future with OPPO
Principle of the Rollable Phone
Unrolling the OPPO X 2021

OPPO X 2021

Infinitely Rollable, Infinite Possibilities

Rollable OPPO X 2021 6.7 inches
6.7 inches
Rollable OPPO X 2021 7.4 inches
7.4 inches
The OPPO X 2021 is a rollable concept phone featuring a scroll-like display. Built with an OLED flexible screen that measures as small as 6.7 inches and as large as 7.4 inches, thanks to a dynamic sliding frame, it extends and retracts smoothly with no hard folding involved.

Rollable Display

No Folding, No Boundaries

With a continuously variable OLED display that is infinitely adjustable between a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches, you are free to define your own boundaries.
With the power of infinite in your hands, you have instant access to a phone or a tablet device without the screen creases often associated with traditional folding screens.

Dynamic Sliding Frame

Smooth Rolling, Dependable Support

A combination of fixed frame and sliding frame helps protect the device no matter what size the display is set to. As the display unrolls or retracts, the sliding frame and the rear battery cover move off the panel to provide better protection and a seamless experience.

Magic Side Button

Swipe to Unroll or Retract

The side button works to lock and unlock the device, and also to extend and retract the rollable display. Swipe up to instantly unroll an expanded vision. Swipe down or double-click to retract into a compact device.
Explore the Innovations Behind the OPPO X 2021

Roll Motor:

Where the Rolling Magic Happens

Roll Motor 1
Roll Motor 2
Roll Motor
To create a display that automatically retracts and extends smoothly, OPPO's structural engineers custom-developed the Roll Motor powertrain. With two built-in drive motors generating a constant force for the display, as the display moves in or out, stress is equally distributed so that the display can sustain even a sudden push or pull without damage.

6.8mm Axis: the Secret to a

Traceless Rollable Display

Roll Motor 1
After extensive testing, OPPO engineers discovered that a 6.8-millimeter diameter for the central axis allowed the display to bend without leaving any visible traces or creases on the screen. As the display unrolls or retracts, it moves along this central axis, with the slider ensuring it follows a smooth arc.

2-in-1 Plate:

Strong, Seamless Support

The innovative 2-in-1 Plate supports the display with zero gaps between segments. Two support substrates on either side of the device feature comb-like structures that enable the 2-in-1 plate to effectively support the display and prevent it from collapsing inward.
When the display retracts, a single surface forms as the two support substrates interlock; when the display unrolls, one substrate slides out to support the display.

Warp Track Laminate: Flexible Resilience

Inspired by Caterpillar Tracks

Warp Track Laminate
The increase in the overall thickness of the display affects the degree to which it can bend, making it necessary to develop a screen that is both thick and resilient. OPPO's self-developed Warp Track laminate successfully raises the overall strength of the screen while keeping it flexible.
  1. High-strength rolled steel
  2. Linear caterpillar track patterns
  3. 0.1 mm at its thinnest
  4. Tank track toughness
Unroll a Limitless Future with OPPO

Fully Immersive,


Featuring an infinitely flexible, adjustable screen, the rollable phone provides a full-screen viewing experience at any time. With Parallel Space Mode, your Facebook or Twitter feeds can be displayed on dual displays, boosting convenience and speed.
Immersive Video Watching with OPPO X 2021
Open up a video, e-book or document and the phone can automatically adjust the screen size to suit the aspect ratio, providing a wholly immersive experience.
Immersive Gaming with OPPO X 2021
Message pop-ups are no longer a distraction while playing games as the full message can appear without interrupting the game area of the screen.
ColorOS of OPPO X 2021 ColorOS Icons of OPPO X 2021
The customized ColorOS interface on the OPPO X 2021 makes sure you get the most out of all possible screen sizes.

A New Solution

for Hardware

The OPPO X 2021 redefines the inner dynamics of mobile devices by optimizing the layout for cameras, batteries, speakers and even antennas, unlocking new possibilities for future smartphone form factors and the way we use our phones.
More Scenes with the Flexible Phone
More Scenes with the Flexible Phone
The main camera setup gives you a larger image size, further expanding the realms of creativity. Capture more in every photo or video with the larger screen size of the OPPO X 2021.
Two Spot TOF 3D Cameras
Two Spot TOF 3D Cameras
Two Spot TOF 3D cameras help achieve superior bokeh on photos and videos as well as supporting basic coverage of AR indoors. In the future, these will enable the phone to be used for combined AR/VR features.
OPPO X 2021
Forever Unrolling Boundaries
OPPO X 2021 Rollable Phone
The OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Handset marks the arrival of the third generation of foldable smartphones. With its infinitely adjustable screen size and traceless bending screen, it represents the beginning of an entirely new experience for electronic devices. With the rollable phone, you hold an infinite world in your hands.
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