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The Future of Mobile Technology and Esports

Esports is a fast-growing craze brimming with opportunities for collaboration and growth. There are currently hundreds of millions of global esports fans, and the potential for mobile esports has only recently begun to actualize. Continuous improvements to modern gaming technology and new revenue streams will bring esports further into the spotlight!  

OPPO and Riot Games recently established a partnership that promises many innovative developments to mobile gaming and esports down the line. The partnership marks OPPO’s entry into the exciting world of esports, and OPPO will be the first official global smartphone partner for the world’s most popular PC esport – League of Legends®. 

Riot Games’ exceptional game design paired with OPPO’s dynamic ingenuity will revolutionize the potential for mobile gaming. The next major technological leap is just around the corner, with the newest chipsets unlocking the potential of potent modern features such as AI-trained players and the 5G network. 


AI Opponents Of The Future

AI Engines within smartphones are designed to effectively imitate players and be more human-like in its decision making. This AI engine is capable of swiftly adapting to player strategies and behaviors, and then replicating and optimizing them. 

Perhaps the most promising application of this engine is with pro players, who could help to initially train AI models – and in doing so, the pros are rewarded with highly skilled opposition to practice with! 

Pro players often cannot find players of similar or higher skill levels, making it difficult to get effective practice outside of top-level skirmishes. AI-trained opponents trained by top tier players may be the go-to solution.  

An AI-trained opponent may allow pro players to match against skilled competition and push them beyond in areas of improvement. These AI-trained players are designed to constantly learn and improve and when trained by a variety of top-tier players, even have the potential to become much scarier and more powerful than pro players. Practicing against AI-trained players may swiftly become the go-to method for bringing gaming skills to the next level. 


Having highly trained AI which are essentially replicas of pro players will also be a huge asset to the whole player base. Players with access to AI technology will be able to square up against superpowered bots to better hone their mechanical and decision-making skills. Players who dream of playing with pros in the big leagues now have a chance to effectively do so against AI-trained versions of these players. 

Players who are serious about the mobile gaming scene and are looking to make a name for themselves on the grand stage of esports will surely want to take advantage of AI-trained opponents. 

Looking to access the top gaming technologies for yourself? OPPO Reno2 is the premiere device for top tier gaming, photography, and cutting-edge mobile tech. 

Real-Time AI Coaching 

Professional and amateur players alike spend hours upon hours and potentially huge sums of money attempting to improve their game in every possible way. Whether it’s watching video guides and strategies from top level players or hiring often expensive coaches to show them where they can make progress, all players who take gaming seriously are looking for solutions. 

Coaches can look at the player from an unbiased perspective. They are separated from total focus on the real-time gameplay and can precisely analyze every decision and moment of gameplay, then effectively communicate their findings with their student. With the advancement of AI also came the possibility for AI Coaching.  

AI coaches will be useful to players of all skill levels, can help players and analyze their plays, situation, and opponents play in real time, to better understand the situation and the options available to them. Familiarizing players with the game’s intricacies and reinforcing positive playmaking could be essential to a more informed and skillful player base for many game types, and lead to a more fruitful esports community. 


5G – Super Fast Connections, Low Latency  

Mobile gaming and Esports vastly benefit from the advantages that 5G can tap into. Lightning quick connection speeds and ultra-low network latency will make the mobile gaming experience smoother and more accessible than ever. The low latency of 5G will enable a quicker immediate response and improved consistency – gone are the days of unexpected lag spikes and disconnects. Players across the globe will be able to seamlessly connect in-game. The 5G mega-upgrades to speed, traffic capacity, and latency will lead players to feel more connected and engaged with mobile gaming than ever. 

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5G and AI developments are proving to be some of the most exciting technological advancements gaming has ever known and mobile game esports is on track to move to the forefront of global gaming.