Talent Development Supervisor

จำนวนตำแหน่งที่เปิดรับ: 1 ตำแหน่งที่ตั้ง: Bangkok


1. Organize and promote the talent management system according to the company's business development needs. Establish and optimize talent standards, selection mechanisms, training systems, learning maps, careers, etc.
2. Participate in organizational evaluation and diagnosis, clarify organizational capacity development requirements, and optimize organizational structure and related management processes;
3. Responsible for sorting out the position, rank and level system, overall planning of positions and classification and hierarchical management;
4. Establish and improve the qualifications, competence standards, and work processes for all levels of positions;
5. Participate in the construction of key positions and talent echelon, check the talent structure, and promote the construction of talent team;
6. Responsible for organizational performance management, employee performance management and appraisal and incentive models;
7. Cooperate with the business training team to assist in the implementation of training projects.


1. Gender Male , Female
2. Age 30-35 years
3. Bachelor degree or above, human resource major is plus;
4. More than 5 years of relevant experience in Learning/Talent Development, background in consulting companies and group companies is preferred, not solidified, and able to integrate theory with practice;
5. Familiar with Learning/Talent Development theory, responsible for talent inventory, competency model, talent echelon construction and other projects, with sufficient practical experience;
6. Have experience in leadership development, have practical experience in corresponding evaluation, coach and other methodologies, and have their own judgments;
7. Be passionate, keep learning and accumulate in the professional field;
8. Good logical thinking and interpersonal understanding skills, excellent inter-departmental communication and coordination skills, analysis and problem-solving skills;
9. Experienced in sales company, if you have direct experience in the consumer electronics business will be specially considered
10. Good command of English, good personality, love consumer electronics.