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  • 2022-01-11
  • Which Best Phone Under RM2,000 That You Can Get From OPPO?

    Always on the lookout for a smartphone under RM2,000 that will let you fulfil your full potential while keeping you stay alive and connected in this world without borders? OPPO has always strived to produce remarkable smartphones on the market that will make your life shine brighter like never before. Beware, as we are about to reveal 3 smartphones that totally can elevate your smartphone experience, with only RM2,000 needed to be parted from your pocket!

    OPPO A95, The Smart Performer Ensures Your Day Getting Better and Better!

    First off the list of best OPPO phone under RM2,000 is The Smart Performer which is freshly off the deck, the OPPO A95! Recently launched over the last few months, this exceptional smartphone arrives with a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen which is also built in the beautiful Reno Glow Design, that can only be found on the Reno Series smartphone.

    With its Large 5,000mAh Battery, it is a supermassive bank of power. If you don't have any idea how massive 5000mAh is, you can use it to watch YouTube for up to 17.8hours, 10.2 hours for Gaming purposes and 56.5 hours for calls only. This is if you did not take Super Power Saving Mode into account. Activating it will give you an example scenario where if your phone battery is lower than 5% it can still last 2 hours plus for calls and 1 hour plus for any WhatsApp activities.

    You can also save a lot of time on charging thanks to the 33w Flash Charge which is part of the OPPO A95. Together with our Battery Maximizer, it will only take up to 15 minutes to charge 30% of the smartphone’s battery. The smart performer can also support 8GB RAM with another 5GB additional RAM. RAM Expansion Technology is one of the amazing features introduced for the OPPO A95, and it will help convert up to 5GB of unused ROM storage into RAM. Get your hands on this smartphone at RM1,089 and make a positive change to your lifestyle now.

    Buy it now here: https://www.oppo.com/my/smartphones/series-a/a95/

    OPPO Reno6 Z, Feels Every Emotion, in Portrait and Ends Your Lifetime Wait!

    The next on the line is our smartphone under RM2,000 is created to let you feel every emotion in portrait. OPPO Reno6 Z brings a lot to the table in terms of style and photography, making your eyes glued to it from the moment you first see it. The Bokeh Flare Portrait is what you need during any kind of photoshoot, as OPPO Reno6 Z elevates the experience to a new level by providing the industry's first exclusive camera feature to accurately identify the main human subject in any complex background. It will perfectly turn lights into dreamy spheres with rich colour that makes your subjects pop out, simply breath-taking.

    Besides that, you can turn on the Portrait Beautification Video in Oppo Reno 6Z. The Portrait Beautification Video feature is supported by Smart AI Recognition which can intelligently recognize gender, age, and more information about the subject of the video. Intelligently, this feature will provide a beauty effect that is tailored to the subject’s face. You can now have selfie videos or vlogging without worrying about your confidence anymore.

    At the same time, it is also supported by 30W VOOC Flash Charge. Equipped with a large 4310mAh battery and 30W VOOC flash charge, the Reno 6Z can be easily charged up to 100% in 52 minutes. In addition to that, it also arrives with a 6.4” AMOLED screen panel and triple camera. It's a good-looking phone that can take good photos and ensure you have a good day with its brilliant screen, so look no further than OPPO Reno 6Z which can be owned only at RM1,699!

    Buy it now here: https://www.oppo.com/my/smartphones/series-reno/reno6-z-5g/

    OPPO A16, A Smartphone That Will Ensure You Live A Worthy Life!

    Luck doesn't strike twice, and you don't let it slip away when it's right in front of you! Enter next on the roll, OPPO A16 which allows you to experience a smartphone that's designed in 3D Sleek Design, complete with other crucial features that will make it a focal part of your life. You just can't believe your luck!

    As it has Triple Camera 13 (Main) + 2 (Depth) + 2 (Macro), all powered by AI, OPPO A16 promises a different way for you to look at the world via the lenses. The AI ​​support, named AI Beautification, features intelligent AI that will naturally improve the skin tone of its subject matter while preserving the finest details of the user’s features. It is part of the main camera and front camera, and it will make the appearance of the subject’s face in the photos from the rear camera and front camera look more natural and good.

    The HD+ Eye Care Display is also one of the elements of OPPO A16. If you are tired of always adjusting your phone’s brightness, now OPPO A16 is equipped with the smart AI Eye-care Display feature. Easily adapt to your lighting environment and remember your brightness preferences, it keeps your eyes comfortable all day long. Highly suitable for parents and children who need a lot of focus and attention when watching videos or even reading an article on their smartphone.

    Not to forget about its 6.52" Big Screen & 5000mAh Battery, its big-screen watch video + 5000mAh Battery will make your Netflix or YouTube binge-watching worth more than ever before. If you have 5% left on the tank don’t worry, as Super Power Saving Mode will extend your battery life and ensure you get at least 1.84 hours of call time. On top of that, Super Nighttime Standby Mode is also available for your utilization, it can reduce the evening power consumption on your phone by 1.21%. OPPO A16 awaits you at the store with the price set at only RM649!

    Buy it now here: https://www.oppo.com/my/smartphones/series-a/a16/

    Any idea on which of these affordable smartphones have stolen your attention? As OPPO stays true to its mission in elevating the technological experience of the world, we will keep on making progress towards achieving the main objective of our existence. Hurry up, hit the store now to have one of the impressive devices on your hands now!



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