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every emotion, in portrait

OPPO Reno6 Z 5G
OPPO Reno6 Z 5G


  • Bokeh Flare Portrait

    Bokeh Flare Portrait

  • Portrait Beautification Video

    Portrait Beautification Video

  • Octa-Core 5G SoC

    Octa-Core 5G SoC

  • 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0

    30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0

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What are the experts saying?



When it comes to the features, the Reno6 Z comes with the Portrait Beautification Video that helps improve the looks of your videos. The Reno6 5G has the AI Highlight Video that allows you to capture clear and well-lit videos even in lowlight conditions. Both smartphones are equipped with the Bokeh Flare Portrait feature to create beautiful bokeh by utilising AI algorithms and analysing over 10 million portrait datasets.



The Reno6 Series 5G continues the Reno pursuit of excellent imaging and takes the portraiture experience a step further with enhanced AI capabilities and an intuitive user interface that captures every emotion accurately in a portrait.



One of the key selling points of the phone is the Bokeh Flare mode. Using the mode in daytime, it gives a sort of a cartoonish look to it. While I’m not a big fan of it, you might fancy the look. With that being said, it’s actually pretty useful, especially in low-light conditions. You can clearly see the difference that it makes, making the selfie clearer and with more details.

  1. Remarks
  2. 1. As of February 2021, OPPO Reno Glow has applied for 24 patents worldwide (in application).
  3. 2. Only Aurora has OPPO Diamond Spectrum applied. The final effect may vary between phones in color and details. Please refer to the actual product.
  4. 3. The thickness and the weight of OPPO Reno6 Z are based on data collected in OPPO labs. The actual size and weight may vary depending on the manufacturing process and measurement method.
  5. 4. 5G network connection depends on whether the SIM card supports 5G networks, and it also depends on the 5G frequency band and 5G network construction of the users' location.
  6. 5. Based on the estimation of the laboratory test model, the actual income is different on different models.
  7. 6. OPPO Reno6 Z uses two series-connected cells. The equivalent battery capacity is 4310mAh (typical value).
  8. 7. Based on tests performed in OPPO labs. 100% is defined as when the battery level displayed on the screen reaches 100%. The actual charging time may vary depending on differences in environments or individual devices (such as temperature variations and battery age).
  9. 8. The conclusion is calculated in comparison to Reno5 Z based on tests performed in OPPO labs.
  10. 9. Screen size is measured diagonally, in centimeters. Reno6 Z's screen size is 6.4'' as a full rectangle, and its screen-to-body ratio is 90.8% (active area). Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.
  11. 10. Air Gesture scrolling currently applies to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube only. Air Gesture call answering applies to voice calls only, and does not apply to video calls or third-party calling apps. To activate this feature, go to Settings > Convenience Tools > Gestures & Motions > Air Gestures.
  12. 11. Artist Wallpaper Project is not available in the EU, Russia, Kazakhstan, or Mexico, and is also not supported on the devices of certain carriers.
  13. 12. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from OPPO designed technical parameters, and test data from the laboratories and suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.