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33W Flash ChargeAll the power you need
to seize the day

Don’t let a low battery dampen your prospects when life is calling. A 5,000mAh1 battery keeps you
in the action all day long. When you do need a boost, 33W Flash Charge lets you charge to
54% in just 30 minutes2.

33W Flash ChargeAll the power you need
to seize the day

33 W
OPPO A95 33W Flash Charge

Don’t let a low battery dampen your prospects when life is calling. A 5,000mAh1 battery keeps you
in the action all day long. When you do need a boost, 33W Flash Charge lets you charge to
54% in just 30 minutes2.

OPPO Glow DesignIrresistibly smooth.
Designed to last.

The industry-first OPPO Glow is the heart and soul of our craft: it’s luxuriously silky-smooth,
fingerprint-proof, and wear-resistant. True craft is made to last.

OPPO A95 Glow Design
OPPO A95 Glow Design Size
OPPO A95 Glowing Rainbow SilverOPPO A95 Glowing Rainbow Silver back
OPPO A95 Glowing Rainbow Silver backOPPO A95 Glowing Rainbow Silver back
Glowing Rainbow Silver Glowing Starry Black

AMOLED Display4Pure, big-screen fun

Featuring a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio, an almost-bezel-less punch-hole display, and ultra-high resolution AMOLED. Indulge in an immersive experience anytime, anywhere. There’s also All-day Eye Care, a smart AI that’ll automatically match your screen’s brightness to your environment. Scroll through social media or
video-chat in bright sunlight without straining your eyes.


In-DisplayFingerprint Sensor

Unlock your phone by simply touching its screen.
It’s convenient and secure.

OPPO A95 Fingerprint Sensor

RAM 8GB+5GB5Software acceleration

Our RAM Expansion software is specially developed to lower frame loss rate, reduce memory
frag, and improve data reading performance. Essentially, it’s here to ensure you’ll get
an ultra-smooth experience.

OPPO A95 RAM Expansion Software

CameraSee the World in
Stunning Detail

CameraSee the World in
Stunning Detail

OPPO A95 Triple Camera
48MP Main Camera
Our HD lens retains rich details,even in dark-lit environments.Clarity won’t be a problem.
2MP Depth Camera
Precise and natural depth controls.Be the star of the show with stunning bokeh portraits.
2MP Macro Lens
Slow down and zoom in on the miniature world. Maybe you’ll findsomething unexpected…
Night modeAI Scene EnhancementFilters
OPPO A95 Night Mode 1
OPPO A95 Night Mode 2
OPPO A95 Night Mode 3

Bullet NotificationsKeep your head
in the game

Looking for an immersive gaming experience? Look no further. Turn on Bullet Notifications for interruption-free gaming sessions.

OPPO A95 Game Focus Mode
OPPO A95 Color OS 11,1
ColorOS 11.1
Learn more
OPPO A95 FlexDrop

Even if you’re typing away on an email, you can still continue watching your show without pausing it.

OPPO A95 App Lock
App Lock

Lend your phone with the confidence of knowing that all your information is safe.

OPPO A95 All-scenario SOS
All-scenario SOS

Press the power button five times to launch your SOS options. Your safety matters.

OPPO A95 Quality Product

The OPPO QualityNo standard is too high

Our users come first, and this includes our user’s safety. OPPO’s Quality Assurance Team ensures every OPPO phone that’s delivered has gone through thousands of rigorous testing.

Drop Tests
Temperature Shock Tests
Power button Press Tests


1. All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors, actual results will vary. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.

2. This data was obtained through laboratory testing. Actual charging time may vary.

3. Product pictures are for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change for reasons including but not limited to changes in suppliers. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.

4. Screen size is measured diagonally. OPPO A95's screen size is 6.43 inches as a full rectangle. Actual viewable area is slightly less due to the rounded corners.

5. RAM Expansion converts available ROM to virtual RAM.A95 supports up to 5GB extended RAM. Actual memory space may change due to application updates, user operations, and other related factors.

OPPO A95, The Smart Peformer
A smart phone that redefines the whole experience of mobile phones with smart features for its smart users. OPPO A95 has always been envisioned to be one of the top-performing phones with a quality that matches its users’ active and driven lifestyle. Two of the most important features in the modern history of smartphones; battery life and ultra-smooth experience have been identified as the must-have attributes in #TheSmartPerformer device.
Boost Your Life With Its Seemingly Endless Life
Back when the phone was in the planning stage, it has been pinpointed that the fast charging ability should be addressed as one of the main objectives that need to be achieved by this smartphone. To keep up with the busy, industrious lifestyle of its users, we have assembled OPPO A95 with not one, but two important components in ensuring a long-lasting battery life for OPPO A95; which are the 33W Flash Charge and 5000mAH battery.
The 33W Flash Charge helps tremendously in boosting up the battery life within a short period of time, allowing last-minute charge as something of a normal feat in your daily life. It is able to charge up to 54% in just 30 minutes, giving extra life to your phone all within a small amount of time. And not to forget, the fully charged 5000mAh could also last you for hours when you are outside therefore, battery life is not a headache with OPPO A95.
Just picture this; a fully charged battery will allow you to chat on the phone for more than 56.5 hours, watch Youtube videos for more than 17.8 hours or play video games for more than 10.2 hours! It definitely redefines the meaning of true battery power that keeps your active lifestyle comfortably in action.
Powerful Processor for Beautiful Experience
During the process in the making of this remarkable smartphone, it has been suggested that providing an enhanced, superior experience to the user is another aim that it needs to meet. To ensure that it meets the active, highly-productive lifestyle of its user, it also gives you an option for a 5GB RAM expansion that enables you to multitask worry-free. Our RAM Expansion software is specially developed to lower frame loss rate, reduce memory fragment, and improve data reading performance. Therefore, multitasking without enduring any issue of phone lags seems to be more of a distant memory; imagine the situation where you're editing a video on a well-known social media app and editing an image on a different app - isn't it great that you're able to do all that in one go, and it processes way smoother now?
Exhilaratingly Stylish Like No Others
OPPO’s phone is also known for not lacking from the design aspect, as style and aesthetic has always been an important part of its phone. OPPO A95 is another great example of it, with its OPPO Glow Design that the phone is designed in, it will definitely make you shine, stand out from the others while staying stylish and cool through its great representation of your personality and lifestyle. It’s unsurprisingly silky-smooth, fingerprint-proof, and wear-resistant like its predecessors, only that, it’s better. True craft is always made to last long, and longevity has always been the main agenda of this device. This smartphone is built to last, while not abandoning the call to impress its users. Definitely one that you should look out for. OPPO A95 is #TheSmartPerformer of this fast-growing tech generation, it has exceeded the expectation from us, and it will surpass yours too.



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