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  • 2020-03-13
  • Using Split-Screen Mode to Optimize Your OPPO Experience

    Using Split-Screen Mode to Optimize Your OPPO Experience

    Did You Know?
    Did you know that your OPPO device is capable of a handy split-screen view similar to that of a computer screen?

    With Split-screen Mode, you can run and view multiple windows or apps simultaneously – in some cases this is a huge boost to productivity and convenience.

    How is it Done?
    The average screen size of OPPO devices has gradually risen overtime, granting more visual space alongside higher resolutions and processing power. Handheld devices are quickly becoming as convenient for multi-tasking as desktop and laptop computers.

    OPPO devices are able to take advantage of Split-screen Mode with the newly launched ColorOS 7. It’s now more enjoyable than ever to conveniently access multiple applications simultaneously on your phone.

    What Are the Benefits?
    The need to exit and open apps by manually switching back and forth between them can be a complete pain if you desire quick access. Additionally, there are a great array of cases for Split-screen Mode that you may find useful for multi-tasking. There are plenty of occasions in which you may want to watch a video and jot down notes or respond to messages while browsing through the internet.

    Split-Screen Mode at Work
    Want to check your calendar while writing an e-mail or message to confirm an appointment? With OPPO ColorOS 7, you no longer need to try to recall info between apps but can instead seamlessly open your desired apps and keep multiple open for simultaneous use.

    This function is particularly useful for those of us busy multi-tasking during work times!

    Split-Screen Mode at Play

    Found a cool video, image, or website that you want to share with your friends and family? It’s now easier than ever to seamlessly transition between viewing and sharing by simply entering Split-screen Mode. You can simultaneously share your content while continuing to view it!

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