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  • 2021-08-12
  • Young Artists are Wanted by The World’s Leading Technology Company to Ignite the Future

    OPPO, the world's leading technology company, launches Renovators Emerging Artists Project for young artists to showcase the next world-changing idea

    As the world is set to commemorate International Youth Day on August 12, the globally renowned technology brand, OPPO, is showing the support for the young generation by organizing the 3rd iteration of its Emerging Artists Project, OPPO Renovators. Guided by the theme of “Light”, the 2021 project will see young artists freely exploring the fusion of technology and art and receiving professional guidance from renowned artists. Exceptional talents will also have the opportunity to showcase their work on the world stage at London Design Week and the Dubai Expo, allowing more people to witness the "light" of the younger generation.

    Click here to start the Journey into Art with OPPO Renovators

    Over the past three years, the OPPO Renovators project has received over 5,000 entries from young artists around the world, becoming an important part in countless creative dreams. Among the artists joining the project, some have gone on to hold digital art exhibitions in Manchester, leveraging popular culture to teach cultural heritages, or transformed their designs into New Year’s gift boxes, or used AI technology to commercialize their designs. Below is a snapshot of the works produced by some of these talented young people.

    How does nature as we see it differ from nature as computers see it?
    We as humans have made many attempts to imagine nature and biodiversity, but what is nature to a computer? Using AI, a young creator from the OPPO Renovators project looked to produce an electronic utopia from the perspective of a computer. In this virtual world, the computer is the creator and designer, splicing together the features of different creatures to bring us a bizarre but beautiful natural landscape.

    Can everything be pixelated?
    Playing computer games, we often see worlds made entirely of pixels. Pixels are seen as mechanical and regular, a symbol that seems far removed from the real world. A young artist from the OPPO Renovators project, however, believes that understanding pixels from points, lines, surfaces to higher dimensions is very similar to the pattern of development of cities. With the continuous enhancement of digital technology, cities, citizens, and society are transforming rapidly. This change is both expansive and deep-rooted, from simple to complex. To capture this, the artist made a video in which pixels rapidly evolve and eventually become an expansive modern city.

    How do our feelings change when space begins to flow?
    In 2019, deep beneath one of the oldest Victorian buildings in England, a young artist attached virtual images to the building and enabled visitors to interact with its environment. This immersive art project named ‘Tracing the Sky’ was created by one of OPPO's partner artists, Jiayu Liu, who used data to generate a virtual image of the building. Jiayu hoped to create a way for visitors to observe and interact with their surrounding environment and consider the empty space not just in terms of what it has to show but as a place to reflect on our relationship with nature.

    Want to be the next rising star?
    This year, the OPPO Renovators project is back with the theme “Light”. Young artists can explore this theme across multiple categories: wearable devices, digital art, AR/VR art, and more art-tech in Art Tech category, or by designing their own collectible designer toys in Art Toy category.

    Worth mentioning, this year’s Renovators project, OPPO has once again increased its support for young artists. In addition to a number of generous prizes and awards, the artworks selected from OPPO Renovators 2021 will have the opportunity to be displayed at global exhibitions such as the London Design Festival and Dubai World Expo. Furthermore, young designers will have the chance to become contracted OPPO designers, through which there may be commercial opportunities to further realize their creative ideas.

    The story behind: the "light" that illuminates young artists originates from OPPO's pursuit of beauty
    OPPO, as a technology company, has always pursued the coming together of technology and beauty. This is not only reflected in product design but also in the brand's philosophy that technology should bring more beauty to life. The Renovators project is one of OPPO's initiatives to pursue beauty by acknowledging the power of young creators to bring more beauty to the world by helping their works achieve higher levels of exposure.

    For more information or to take part in OPPO Renovators 2021, please visit the official OPPO Renovators 2021 website: https://campus.oppo.com/en/. All artworks must be submitted before GMT 24:00 August 29, 2021 to be eligible. The final results will be announced before GMT 24:00 September 18, 2021. 

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