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  • 2021-12-15
  • OPPO Renovators and Global Emerging Artists Curate a Virtual Immersive Art Show at INNO DAY 2021

    The re-emergence of COVID-19 has brought the implementation of virtual reality to the table once again. Technology companies are exploring how to allow users to enjoy the conveniences of cutting-edge technology without having to risk leaving their homes. Recently, the leading global technology brand OPPO has created INNO WORLD, a virtual world for the INNO DAY 2021, to showcase OPPO’s latest technologies and products, while also showcasing how emerging artists blur the lines between art and technology. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in an exhibition of art and technology by visiting the Renovators gallery at INNO WORLD via https://www.oppo.com/en/events/innoday2021/ , which features a collection of creative ideas and a glimpse into how the youth today view our society.

    OPPO Renovators and Global Emerging Artists Curate a Virtual Show at INNO DAY 2021

    OPPO Renovators Technology Artwork Showcase at Virtual World INNO WORLD

    Leveraging Digital Smart Biomanufacturing to Improve Sustainability
    Nowadays, the fast-paced modern lifestyle leads to numerous social and environmental problems. Sustainable development might be the solution to alleviate these issues, such as resource shortage and environmental degradation. Liang Xiao, a young artist from Wuhan, China, and her team attempts to integrate biology, material science, and parametric statistics to predict the growth of “smart” plants. Through graphics and experimental music, the animation presents the possibility of plant roots becoming sustainable materials and a mode of transportation. Highlighting the sense of sovereignty of plant ecosystems over man-made landscapes, and hypothesizing the future space for plant autonomy. This artwork offers a new perspective and possible solutions for future humans, from selecting material for production to dealing with our relationship with nature.

    OPPO Renovators 2021 Creative Excellence Award “Plants Autonomy”

    The artwork Plants Autonomy simulates a digital ecosystem of plants and humans in a video, which parametrically provides the necessary furniture needed for a living

    space in the future. Aside from the conceptual graphics, Liang Xiao and her team are actively trying to digitize bio-manufacturing and cultivate plant roots on a large scale, and to materialize the pieces of prototype furniture in the video.

    A Collision of Machinery and Romance That Sets off an Explosion of Technology and Aesthetics
    The artwork AutoGene gives the first impression of a simple commodity sculpture. But at the flick of a switch, the seemingly mundane umbrellas transform into magical animated objects. The circular arrangement combined with the striking contrast produced as the umbrellas expand and contract to form abstract, ephemeral patterns. AutoGene was created by the German artist Peter William Holden, who one day suddenly realized that the materials he used to create art also scarred the environment. Therefore, he wanted to raise public awareness of environmental protection through this material recycling art piece.

    OPPO Renovators 2021 Creative Excellence Award “AutoGene”

    Outside of his work as an artist assistant and stage designer, Peter spent most of his time creating art for many years. He lived in an old industrial area in Leipzig for 2 years without electricity, running water, and financial support, but he still devoted himself to art as long as he had the funds to do so. He believes the moment one defines oneself as an artist is the moment that one becomes an artist. His rich life experiences make his works full of profound social reflections.

    Daydreams Keeper Compels You to Never Stop Fantasizing and Exploring
    The trapeze of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games inspired the design concept of DreamCatcher-O. The trapeze at that time fulfilled everyone’s fantasy and longing for future technology. Therefore, a young artist from Chengdu, China, named Xinyi Zhao (Mavis Zhao) redesigned the image of OPPO’s Ollie, the guardian of young people's daydreams, by incorporating more mechanical elements. The artwork DreamCatcher-O views every dreamer as a shining light in the world and devoted to protect their dreams while working alongside them.

    OPPO Renovators 2021 Design Future Award “DreamCatcher-O”

    In this artwork, Ollie is a dreamcatcher dressed in a mysterious and bright-colored spacesuit. The jetpack and protective pods indicate the confidence and vision of young people for the future development of science and technology. Xinyi also visualized the dreamcatcher to echo the concept of capturing and guarding dreams. The form Ollie takes embracing itself is a sign of calmness and protection. Representing Ollie's image as the protector of dreams and restating Ollie's mission to protect young people's dreams.

    In addition, there are more outstanding artworks waiting to interact with visitors. For example, Light High amplifies one’s perception of the borders between light and space. Revival discusses the future of civilization from an outer space perspective. The Light Planting Project envisions our migration to the bottom of the sea with light as our new faith. The Edge of Chaos features dancers dancing along with the chaotic Mandelbrot set. And Ollie’s Space Dream explores the vast unknown that encircles Earth.

    These artworks reflect how young artists view technology and give the visitors a fresh new perspective to reimagine the future of mankind. Click on the link to explore more.

    OPPO Renovators and Global Emerging Artists Curate a Virtual Show at INNO DAY 2021

    Discover More at the INNO WORLD Renovators Showroom

    OPPO Will Continue to Empower the Youth
    OPPO has always believed in the power of the youth and established the OPPO Renovators Project since 2019. The program encourages young people around the world to explore and innovate in the fields that they are passionate about. OPPO will insist to assisting them to achieve their dreams and serve as a platform for them to showcase their creations and talents, to express more valuable reflets on society.

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