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  • 2019-12-17
  • OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    The pursuit of creation, of drive and purpose, of passion for life. When reflected upon, it becomes apparent that all we truly, deeply care for is connected to our identity as a species of creators. We yearn to continually produce, improve, and express.

    OPPO immensely values and wants to advocate for the life essence that is creativity, and continually fine-tunes the Reno Series to become the ultimate creative companion. The goal, of course, is to make OPPO Reno’s creative tools available to everyone, so that we all have an outlet to hone our passions and artistry.

    OPPO recently held a series of six dialogues with popular creators in order to hear their stories and uncover the essence of art. Jacob Collier, Pella, Jessie Li, Ian Waelder, Rook Floro, and Mette Towley –These six spirited creators each shared their unique perspective of the concept, “To Create is to Live.”

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Jacob Collier, a multi-faceted musician from North England is a composer, producer, arranger, singer and multi-instrumentalist. His career in music began to take flight in 2012 when his split-screen YouTube video covers of popular songs went viral. Jacob has since released three albums, received several awards, and toured the world.

    Jacob is a major advocate of seeing the world from a child-like perspective – always wondering, exploring, and dreaming. He considers himself an “all-time lover of life and music,” and it’s evident through his words, actions, and style that he practically emanates musicality and it defines a great part of his being.

    It’s almost as though Jacob has no choice but to let the music flow out from him, otherwise he finds himself staying up all night obsessing over the music in his mind.

    “I live and breathe music, the whole time. And there’s not really an off switch.”

    Despite it sometimes seeming like an uncontrollable curse, Jacob is clearly deeply passionate about music. He believes that by pursuing music, anything is possible.

    “I think it’s possible to free… and move people with music. It is togetherness, love, connection and growth.”

    Pella, an emerging Indian fashion designer, graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology in 2013. Soon after, she applied her knowledge of fashion and apparel design to found P.E.L.L.A. Her artistry has gained major traction due to her keen eye for subtle, understated fashion and characteristics of Indian culture.

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Pella’s design choices are “deeply rooted in Wabi-sabi philosophy where designs are simple, unpretentious and fashioned out of natural materials to form organic silhouettes.” Her emphasis is on imbuing an organic, freeing feeling into the clothes she creates.

    Pella says that her clothes “take the form” of the individual and express who they are. She gives her complete self to her creations, instilling part of her soul and her being into what she produces.

    “It’s not just a garment you are creating, I’m creating a piece of me. Whenever you wear my clothes, a piece of me goes with you.”

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Jessie Li is an actress from Kunming, China. She has starred in several Chinese films and shows and has won multiple best actress awards. She seeks to express herself by embodying a wide array of unique characters. She believes that each moment in front of the camera reflects how you see the world.

    “I am trying to enrich my life with meaning. I am exploring beauty in my life and all its memorable moments. That’s it.”

    Her characters have had a profound impact on many of her viewers, and even helped many people through sad or dark periods of their lives. Jessie believes that life is about seeking meaning, inspiring others, and discovering beauty and significance.

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Ian Waelder, visual artist and skateboarder from Spain, states that “everything starts with questioning. It’s what makes everything vibrate.” To create art, you must discard what you think you know and instead explore what is possible.

    Being able to operate freely and avoid getting “stuck in one thing, unable to get out of that circle” is essential to creative success. Ian seeks a state of ecstasy only seemingly accessible through the artistic process.

    “And like there's this moment of ecstasy that you feel like things are flowing, and you just do stuff and it's natural.”

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Rook Floro is from Bangkok, Thailand, creates visual art, and works in advertising as an art director. He says that since the earliest he can remember; it was instinctual for him to draw and to express himself visually.

    “So I guess I have difficulties in my life, and things I want to express. The latest one, the clash between cultures in my upbringing between Thai and Philippino cultures. It really affected me, growing up.”

    Rook decided to fully pursue art since it comes to him naturally and is the sincerest way of expressing himself. He says that he “feels like a different person every day.” So he channels his alter egos into visual art representations of himself.

    “I feel like a different person every day. And in my work, I give them names. I made them into alter egos that represent inside of me. So my ego would be represented alter egos.”

    OPPO Reno Stories: To Create is to Live

    Mette Towley – an American actor and dancer from Minnesota perfectly summarizes the creative vision. Don’t let definitions or pre-conceived limitations constrain you – break down boundaries and freely express yourself through all facets of life.

    “Creativity is freedom, to move beyond boundary. It is a free expression in a way that allows you to get better connected to who you are and the possibility of who you can be for the world. And that's all through whatever medium you choose, whether it be dance, acting, singing, painting, running, being a wonderful mother, father, being a great friend.”

    “If you get creative in the ways you can do better and be better, then you’re really an artist.”

    To Create is to Live.

    Follow our artists full story on the OPPO Official YouTube here.

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