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  • 2024-03-08
  • Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras

    OPPO has been pushing the boundaries of technology for years, and the latest innovation is no exception. With the launch of the Find X7 Ultra comes the introduction of the first-ever Quad Main Camera—a pinnacle of the smartphone brand's imaging expertise.

    But why four cameras? By using this system, each 50MP camera combines a different function and skill set to create incredibly immersive and realistic images. The Find X7 Ultra ensures that you have the tools to produce high-quality pictures no matter the conditions.

    The quad-camera array also features advanced AI, which automatically detects and adjusts for lighting, color, and other factors, producing outstanding yet authentic results for every style and situation.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras

    This Find X7 Ultra is truly pioneering, and the development of these four cameras has created four major breakthroughs in the way we take pictures. Let's take a look at them.

    First Breakthrough: Zoom

    It feels like zoom developments in recent smartphone cameras have been a race to the moon, without stopping to think about the journey along the way. Sure enough, the Quad Main Camera exhibits quality results even at 20x zoom and beyond, but it also offers a complete range, perfectly bridging the gaps where other smartphones cannot. A combination of carefully chosen focal lengths, high-resolution sensors, and AI capabilities ensures clear, crisp, and ultra-detailed photos regardless of distance. See for yourself:

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four CamerasUltra-Wide 50MP, 1/1.95" sensor and f/2.0 aperture lens

    Those vast yet crystal-clear photos you know and love, with a dynamic and expansive field of view.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four CamerasWide 50MP, 2nd-Gen 1" sensor

    Featuring the first 1" sensor specifically designed for smartphones—the Sony LYT-900. Capture incredible views with 50% less reflection from OPPO's customized lens.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras3x Telephoto 50MP, 1/1.56" sensor

    The first of two periscope zoom cameras, a world-first on a smartphone. With a closest focus distance of 25cm and a fast f/2.6 aperture, you can capture superbly detailed photos day or night, near or far.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras6x Telephoto 50MP, 1/2.51" sensor

    Perfect for faraway subjects or exquisite portraits. It also uses AI to enhance clarity on extremely long-distance shots, maxing out at a whopping 120x zoom.

    Second Breakthrough: Computational Photography

    Computational photography has seen its share of debate over the past few years. Algorithm adjustments became the norm in mobile photography but sparked questions about authenticity. What exactly is a fake photo? Where do we draw the line? How much do we want to retain the original characteristics?

    In an age of filters, generative AI, and Photoshop, there may be no definitive answer. However, with the Find X7 Ultra, OPPO addresses these issues in a non-intrusive manner. They provide all the benefits of AI enhancement while keeping the essence of the photo true to life.

    Their HyperTone Camera System works in tandem with the four cameras to build on ultra-realistic images, aiming to follow the natural aesthetic of the scene.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras

    Notice how HyperTone's image strictly adheres to an organic picture, seeming as though you could be viewing it with your own eyes.

    Third Breakthrough: Portraits

    Back in action with Hasselblad, the quad-camera array enhances Portrait Mode to professional, cinematic standards. Each focal length matches a specific portrait lens to create the classic bokeh effect, even more fine-tuned to each different scenario. Now, the portraits offer a greater sense of dimensions and depth. See the example below:

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras

    In the foreground, you can detect even the finest details, such as strands of hair or fabric, with superb clarity. In the background, the blur is effective without being distracting, perfectly accentuating the subjects and scene.

    Not only this, Portrait Mode places a heavy importance on identifying natural skin tones. This has been a hot-button issue for computational photography in the past, but you won't find any unnecessary lightening or darkening in these portraits. Your portraits will stay authentic—and that's the goal.

    Fourth Breakthrough: Master Mode

    The power of the Quad Main Camera is for everyone, and casuals will find their photography reaches exciting new heights. But it would be a shame if expert photographers couldn't make the most of such breakthroughs. After all, you won't often find true DSLR quality in a smartphone. Well, for the pros, there's Master Mode.

    Master Mode lets you access manual controls and take full advantage of a world-class camera system. Choose your lens, frame your shot, set your focus, and control the ISO and shutter speed. Plus, activate Master Effects to adapt saturation, contrast, sharpness, and vignette. What does this mean? It means you can turn the image from your head into reality.

     Four Reasons Why the Find X7 Ultra Has Four Cameras

    These are all astounding advancements for the Find X7 Ultra, but the fun doesn't stop there. The learnings, technology, and boundary-breaking ethos will inspire other product lines, delivering the best photography across many OPPO devices. Check out the innovative tech where you are and get excited for more to come!

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