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  • 2022-06-02
  • With “Inspiration Ahead”, OPPO boosts the morale of Roland-Garros 2022

    Under the theme of “Inspiration Ahead”, OPPO introduces stunning Inspirational Light activation to underpin Roland-Garros tournament 2022.

    2 June 2022, Paris, France: With the new brand proposition: Inspiration Ahead, OPPO, the premium partner of Roland-Garros 2022, unveils the stunning Inspirational Light campaign. Capturing the passion for the sport, inspiring messages were beamed from global tennis fans onto the world-famous red clay court.

    OPPO: Premium Partner of Roland-Garros 2022

    “Inspiration Ahead means showing confidence and poise when we are moving forward. It encourages us to remain resolved and graceful as we brave the storm and break the stagnation. Participating in sporting events is fantastic for OPPO to convey the mutually inspirational spirit and communicate OPPO’s technology innovation experience with our global users,” announced William Liu, OPPO's Vice President and President of Global Marketing.

    OPPO, as the premium partner for the 4th consecutive year, hopes to bring tennis fans’ inspiration with its advanced imaging technology to witness, capture and share the heart-stopping moments on the court.

    Galvanising the global support for this year’s tennis stars, OPPO launched the Inspirational Light campaign, where global tennis fans were encouraged to share messages of support, which were then used to create striking yet beautiful light painting imagery showcased on the red clay court on each night of the tournament. At the end of each night match, when the stadium’s lights were turned off, OPPO’s expert light painting crew ‘painted’ the fans’ best comments using OPPO’s Find X5 Pro’s low-light photography mode. The stunning visuals were captured by OPPO Find X5 Pro, with photos and videos posted across social media.

    “Inspirational Light” Shot on OPPO Find X5 Pro

    Thanks to its advanced imaging system, the newest cutting-edge flagship from the brand, the OPPO Find X5 Pro, is the perfect handset for tennis fans to capture true-to-life content of their favourite tennis players. Powered by the OPPO’s self-designed MariSilicon X imaging NPU, Find X5 Pro brings the industry-recognized imaging capabilities, enabling tennis fans to capture 4K Ultra Night video and captivating photography of the tennis tournament.

    The handset’s Wide-angle camera also features a first-of-its-kind Five-axis OIS system, which improves with every use to counter handshake, reduce noise and sharpen scenes – guaranteeing tennis fans perfect clarity and sharp shots.

    Through Inspiration Ahead, OPPO strives to inspire its global users to push the limits to achieve success. The brand is bringing to the forefront technology that delivers a step-change to exemplify the dynamic and exhilarating experiences found only in this elite competition. To learn more about the Inspiration Ahead activities taking place at Roland Garros, click here.
    To learn more about the OPPO Find X5 Pro, click here.


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