• Press Release
  • 2022-06-02
  • OPPOHack 2022 – ColorOS attracted developers from more than 50 countries/regions

    June 2, 2022, SHENZHEN – Since its launch on May 23, OPPOHack 2022 – ColorOS, has gladly seen the participation of developers around the world. Through intensive high-level competition with international peers, the developers and OPPO are committed to inspiring multi-dimensional insights and presenting innovations that could truly enhance user experiences.

    OPPO has invited international professionals and experts from 12 world-leading colleges, more than 20 renowned incubators worldwide, and OPPO Ubiquitous Services as judges and mentors. Highlights include the creation of Chinese entrepreneurs' association consisting of excellent companies such as Xiaohongshu and Mobvoi, co-sponsorship with industrial mentor and investment expert YEA – a lodestone of developers, and partnership with SFU incubator who has helped over 185 startup businesses and StartupWeekend, the most successful startup practice platform in USA.

    The event, centered with the concept of “Ubiquitous Services: Intelligence Linking the World” has attracted developers from more than 50 countries/regions including China, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and India within 1 week, focusing on unhindered Cross-device Connection and User-centric Intelligent Services, which probes into core capabilities such as unconscious technology, integrated perception, situational awareness, intent-driven, and multi-mode interaction, aiming to work out smart solutions applicable to various fields including smart entertainment, smart education and smart production.

    OPPOHack 2022 with participants from 50+ countries & regions 

    OPPO, as global technology company dedicated to tech innovations, has more than 10,000 scientists and researchers working in its six research institutes and four R&D centers around the globe. Backed by OPPO's strong R&D resources, ColorOS and its partners keep leading industrial research and making technological breakthroughs. Its industry-leading technologies include bendable screen interaction, HyperBoost frame stabilization technology, and hidden camera detection, among others. 

    ColorOS aims to make the event a stage where world's developers showcase their potential, and strengthen cooperation with overseas investors, colleges and research institutions, startup entrepreneurs and industrial experts to boost exchanges and integration of innovative technologies and diversify the tech ecology of ColorOS. 

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