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  • 2020-03-06
  • OPPO Watch Makes Its Debut with Built-in Cellular and Flexible Hyperboloid Display

    March 6, 2020, Shenzhen, China –Today in China, OPPO introduced OPPO Watch, the brand's first smart watch series, following the announcement of its flagship Find X2 series. This launch serves as one of OPPO's strategic steps into the field of IoT. The 46mm version of OPPO Watch uses a 3D flexible hyperboloid display – an industry first for a smart watch. The entire series incorporates OPPO's own Dual-Chip Endurance System and Watch VOOC Flash Charging technology, which reportedly improve battery life and shorten charging time. Built-in cellular connectivity and health & fitness tracking round out the features of the series. All in all, OPPO Watch is being presented as a stylish way to live more freely, healthily, and creatively.

    OPPO Watch Launch Event
    [OPPO Watch Launch Event]

    The Industry's First Smart Watch with a 3D Flexible Hyperboloid Screen

    "This might be the best-looking smart watch of the year", wrote OPPO's Vice President Brian Shen in a recent Weibo post. Indeed, OPPO Watch's flexible hyperboloid display is an innovative design typically reserved for smartphones. The 46mm version features a 1.91-inch AMOLED screen with a 72.76% screen-to-body ratio, 402x476 resolution, and 326ppi density for extra detail. An "ultra-frameless" design makes the most of every millimeter of space, packing in an impressive amount of information.

    3D flexible hyperboloid display
    [3D flexible hyperboloid display]

    OPPO Watch owes its slim profile to this AMOLED screen, combined with a 4.5mm aluminum frame and 3D curved glass crystal. The back of the watch uses an integrated 3D ceramic design and sensors designed to maximize contact with the skin without exerting pressure. Each watch comes with a band made of either Italian calfskin or fluoro rubber and available in a variety of colors to suit different occasions, from meetings to workouts. The band can be easily removed by pushing a single button.

    Built-in Cellular: Keeping Connectivity Within Reach

    The launch event also revealed another brand-new feature: eSIM-based cellular connectivity, which helps users stay connected in a smarter and more efficient way without restriction. OPPO Watch can share a phone number with a smartphone or have its own number, either of which can be used for voice calls and Internet access. This feature brings smartphone-level convenience to the smart watch realm.

    Built-in Cellular Communication
    [Built-in Cellular Communication]

    Dial designs in different styles
    [Dial designs in different styles]

    OPPO Watch can also be used for listening to music and making payments. An internal app store offers a variety of third-party apps for social networking, travel, entertainment, and more. In addition, the watch's style-matching AI watch face can generate a wallpaper that matches a photo of the user's outfit, inventing a stylish new look every day.

    Comprehensive Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring: Health Tracking Made Easy

    Health and fitness has become a hot topic, especially among office workers, who feel an increasing need to develop good exercise habits and monitor their health. OPPO Watch provides a health monitoring system and various fitness tracking functions through which OPPO hopes to make exercise easier for its users. The watch contains 5 exercise sensors, can monitor a range of exercise scenarios, and is water resistant to 50 meters, making it easier to incorporate exercise into any lifestyle.

    Health and sports tracking
    [Health and sports tracking]

    Beyond exercise features, OPPO Watch can monitor sleep quality, generating a sleep report of the user's duration of deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time. Additionally, the watch can constantly monitor heart rate, and generate a chart showing heart rate over the past 24 hours. Other functions such as activity and breathing reminders and monthly cycle monitoring for female users are also available. This is a watch that truly helps users take care of their health across the board.
    OPPO smartphone users can quick-pair their phone's health app with OPPO Watch to access additional health & fitness services. Users of other Android smartphones can access the same services by downloading the HeyTap Health app.

    Dual-Chip Endurance & Watch VOOC Flash Charging

    For users who often find themselves feeling low-battery anxiety, OPPO Watch has its own Dual-Chip Endurance System that switches between a Snapdragon chip and an Apollo chip depending on power usage mode. In Smart Mode, the watch reportedly has a 40-hour use time on one charge. In Power Saver Mode, only basic functions such as notifications are enabled, and use time reportedly reaches 21 days on one charge.

    Watch VOOC Flash Charging
    [Watch VOOC Flash Charging]

    Drawing on its expertise in the field of flash charging, OPPO has also developed its own all-new Watch VOOC Flash Charging technology, which uses the same battery system as OPPO smartphones. This technology ensures both charging speed and safety. A full charge takes 75 minutes, and 15 minutes of charging time reportedly yields a 46% charge, which corresponds to approximately 18 hours of use time – enough for an entire day of use. Watch VOOC Flash Charging, combined with the Dual-Chip Endurance System, clearly demonstrates a higher-tech, higher-quality approach to the smart watch experience.

    OPPO Watch Series
    [OPPO Watch Series]

    OPPO Watch Series will be available globally, and will hit the shelves in mainland China from March 24. The currently unveiled versions use the Android-based ColorOS Watch system. It will soon come in versions tailored to other markets, please stay tuned.

    As OPPO's first foray into the wearable market, OPPO Watch is raising the bar with its signature design, built-in cellular connectivity, health & fitness features, fast charging, and Dual-Chip Endurance System. Overall, it's a smart watch experience you won't want to miss.

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