• Press Release
  • 2020-05-14
  • OPPO Announces the second season of the OPPO CAMPUS Global Emerging Artists Project Renovators

    May 7, 2020, Shenzhen, OPPO Campus today announced the launch of the second season of the OPPO CAMPUS Global Emerging Artists Project Renovators(Renovators), which will call for art and design proposals from youth internationally. This year's Renovators is jointly initiated by OPPO and Tsinghua University China -Italy Design Innovation Base (CIDIH), aiming to bring together creative and outstanding thoughts on design through building this global platform for art and design enthusiasts, pushing the frontiers of technology-related art and design.

    OPPO Announces the second season of the OPPO CAMPUS Global Emerging Artists Project Renovators

    The theme of this year's Renovators project is Cyber Utopia, which is intended to convey the concept of a "humanistic future." OPPO encourages young participants to imagine and create a future that embraces humanity through innovative artwork and proposals that combines aesthetics design and technology.

    The project suggests three themes for artists' proposals, "Visioning the Night", "Integration of Everything", and "Interactive Experience", which will inspire participants to expand their imagination, and show their passion on creativity in different fields. During the Project, OPPO will hold mentorship workshops and online lessons to bring insights of the current field to the participants.

    The total prize pool of the event reached 300,000 yuan, and the winner will also gain priority admission to OPPO's internship program. OPPO will also support participants by recognizing, promoting, and publicizing their projects through exposure to communities and media platforms worldwide that push the frontiers of art, science, design, and technology.

    Meanwhile, the event also received strong support from many domestic institutions and universities, such as The China Communication Center for Science and Technology, AIT of Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts City Design School (China), Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China, Association Des Jeunes Artistes Franco-chinois, Science Writing magazine, College of Art and Design of Beijing Forestry University.

    Here is the lineup of Renovator's judges and instructors: Lie LIU, the President of Global Marketing and CMO of China, served as the brand promoter of the event. Christl Baur, co-producer of Ars Electronica Festival, served as the general counsel of the event. Zhu Jintong, the Head of OPPO London Design Centre; Ashley Hall, professor of Design Innovation at Royal College of Art; Fu Zhiyong, Associate Professor and Vice Dean of the Department of Information Art & Design of the Academy Art & Design, deputy director of China-Italy Design Innovation Hub Tsinghua University; Luca Guerrini, Associate Professor of Design Department at Politecnico di Milano; Olga Kisseleva, Head of International Art & Science Institute and Professor of contemporary art in the Sorbonne University ,the founder of the Art & Science Laboratory at Panthéon-Sorbonne, served as the main judges of the competition. The event also invited David Hanson Jr., founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics Co. Ltd, as the special guest, and Chen Xi, the Chief Software Experience Officer of OPPO, as brand guests of this competition.

    OPPO CAMPUS Global Emerging Artists Project Renovators kicked off May 6, 2020. For more details, please visit the official page: https://campus.oppo.com/en/index/

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