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Shooting in low or difficult lighting with OPPO Reno2

OPPO Reno2’s camera system is making waves on the mobile technology stage – many netizens are proclaiming Reno2 the first phone with photo and video capabilities that rival even professional cameras. Packed with cutting-edge technology and prepared for any imaginable shot, it’s no wonder that reviewers and OPPO fans across the web are calling the Reno2 one of the best cameras on the market. 


For the first time ever, even the darkest environments can be transformed into a lively artistic landscape. With the power of Reno2 in the palm of your hand, these four camera features enable anyone to tap into the unique potential of low-light photography. 


Ultra Dark Mode 

Now available exclusively on the Reno2, Ultra Dark Mode is a significant improvement upon the low-light shooting capabilities of Ultra Night Mode. Ultra Dark Mode is even capable of detecting details invisible to the human eye. This feature establishes OPPO Reno2 as one of the first phone cameras powerful enough to produce clear and vibrant images in near-complete darkness. 

Photographer and IG influencer @lucancoutts stated that before the Reno2, he had always shrugged off mobile photography. Lucan tried out OPPO Reno2’s Ultra Dark Mode during #ChallengeYourPersepctive and was pleasantly surprised at the quality photos it is capable of during gloomy night scenes. 


(Left: Without Ultra Dark Mode, Right: With Ultra Dark Mode)

HDR Portrait Mode 

Bring balance to your portrait photos with the use of high-dynamic-range (HDR). This mode automatically adjusts brighter and darker areas of the portrait in order to achieve impeccable lighting tone. 

HDR Portrait Mode equips the Reno2 for taking magnificent portrait photos after dark and in low-lit areas, so you never miss out on unexpected photo ops! 


Dazzle Color Mode 

Dazzle Color Mode detects brightness levels and color hues and then restores pixel-level color to create a more natural and vibrant image. Dazzling is especially handy for low-light scenarios such as during sunrise, sunset, and indoors. Combine Dazzle with Ultra Dark Mode for some truly stunning night shots! 

As we see below, color saturation of shadowy and low-light areas can be automatically restored. 



AI Scene Recognition 


After the Reno2 AI has analyzed the scene, it displays a small icon to indicate that the all elements in frame are recognized and you’re ready to capture your ideal image. Combine AI Scene Recognition with Ultra Dark Mode to take focused, high resolution images in the nighttime and indoors. It not only recognizes if you're in low light areas but also adjusts to a variety of objects, settings, and each subject in the image.