• Press Release
  • 2024-02-27
  • OPPO Shares New Vision for 'AI+6G' in New 6G White Paper and
    6G Security White Paper

    February 27, 2024, BARCELONA—Global technology company OPPO today unveiled its vision for the transformational role that 6G will play in the future communications industry in two new white papers—the 2023 OPPO 6G White Paper and the OPPO 6G Security White Paper. As global standards for 6G technology are being formed, the two papers look ahead to the new possibilities represented by a new era of intelligent connectivity and outline a tangible blueprint for the future of 6G.

    In the 2023 OPPO 6G White Paper, OPPO explores how 6G will activate two mutually empowered new billion-user-level markets—Mobile AI Computing and Mobile Metaverse—drawing on faster and more multidimensional data transmission, enhanced AI capabilities, and improved data perception to merge physical and virtual worlds. To meet the demands of 6G communication and AI computing, OPPO has proposed a 'Minimized Kernel' system design that provides a basic set of common capabilities accessible through a minimal core subsystem, together with a set of subsystems optimized for specific use cases. By using a 'minimal-to-full kernel switching' approach, the proposed system design enables on-demand access to the optimal processing units, realizing efficient, flexible network performance with low costs and low power consumption to provide the foundations for future communications systems.

    In the second paper, the OPPO 6G Security White Paper, OPPO addresses security challenges and requirements for 6G networks. The paper examines how 6G security priorities will shift from securing data transmission to securing the data itself and user privacy. To address this, OPPO is exploring technologies, including the blockchain, physical layer security, AI security, and post-quantum security, with the goal of constructing an intelligent 6G zero trust security architecture. This architecture aims to protect user and service data safety and privacy, flexibly introduce new security capabilities based on service offerings, and adapt future security development on the fly.

    OPPO has initiated research on 6G technology since 2019, envisioning it as the first generation of communications technology to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities. By establishing faster, more reliable, and broader connections, 6G is poised to usher in a new era of comprehensive intelligence. OPPO remains committed to advancing 6G through ongoing research, development, and innovation, aiming to enhance communication experiences for users with greater intelligence, convenience, and safety.

    More information about OPPO's vision for a 6G future can be found in the 2023 OPPO 6G White Paper and the OPPO 6G Security White Paper.

    2023 OPPO 6G White Paper
    OPPO 6G Security White Paper


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