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  • 2022-02-24
  • OPPO Set to Strengthen Presence in High-end Market
    with New Find X5 Series

            Bursting with industry-leading highlights, Find X5 Series boasts a futuristic aesthetic that achieves clean, modern sophistication and world-first imaging experiences

    OPPO Set to Strengthen Presence in High-end Market with New Find X5 Series

    Dubai, UAE, 24 February 2022 – OPPO today announced its latest family of flagship smartphones, the Find X5 Series, marking another decisive step into the high-end market for the leading smartphone brand. The new addition to the Find X Series is the first smartphone series to be powered by OPPO’s MariSilicon X imaging NPU and other industry-leading features. With its futuristic design, seamless ceramic back panel, and premium International Warranty Service, every aspect of the Find X5 Series has been tailored to deliver the best possible user experience.

    “At OPPO INNO DAY 2021, we announced our brand proposition of ‘Inspiration Ahead’, defining our commitment to constantly redraw the boundaries of the smartphone experience to make life better for everyone, regardless of the challenges and uncertainties faced,” said William Liu, Vice President and President of Global Marketing at OPPO. “With the Find X5 Series, we have raised the bar for flagship smartphones in terms of style and performance, while never stopping in our exploration of new possibilities.” 

    Rapid international growth reaches new heights
    As of December 2021, OPPO has filed for over 75,000 patent applications and over 4,500 of them are related to 5G. With these strong technical foundations, OPPO delivers a portfolio of high-performing 5G products, the success of which have resulted in the brand ranking the second for two consecutive years in global 5G smartphone shipments among Android manufacturers according to the data from Canalys1.

    According to the data from Canalys, in 2021, OPPO held on to its place as the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide, with a total market share of 11%2.

    Taking the end-to-end smartphone experience to the next level
    The OPPO Find X5 Series raises the bar for flagship smartphone performance across the board with OPPO’s best-ever technology, product experience, and customer service.

    MariSilicon X — OPPO’s recently-unveiled self-designed imaging NPU — makes its debut on the Find X5 Series. The NPU and its advanced in-house algorithms, including AINR, deliver a leap in computational photography performance. With MariSilicon X, the Find X5 Series is the first flagship smartphone series capable of capturing clear 4K Ultra Night Video that can rival what is seen by the human eye. Following its long-held mission to bring both natural and professional colors to smartphone imaging, OPPO has joined hands with Hasselblad to bring its Natural Color Calibration to the Find X5 Series, empowering users to unlock more emotive moments.

    Elsewhere, many of OPPO’s breakthrough innovations can be found on the Find X5 Series. OPPO’s upgraded 360° Smart Antenna 3.0 ensures stable connectivity, with greater signal strength and range than other models. The series also features enhanced Flash Charging technology for faster charging, while a multi-tier cooling system ensures smooth overall performance and efficient dissipation.

    Beyond the phone itself, OPPO has turned its attention to the entire customer experience. Find X5 Series owners will have access to OPPO’s premium International Warranty Service, which can be used at over 2,500 service centers in 62 countries and regions worldwide.

    A standout flagship, driven by OPPO’s human-centric insights
    Guided by OPPO’s brand mission “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, the Find X5 Series represents OPPO’s pursuit of human-centric product features and designs aimed at improving the day-to-day lives of its users.

    The design of the Find X5 Series reflects every aspect of the user experience. Built with advanced manufacturing technology, the curved and continuous ceramic back panel is anti-fingerprint and comfortable to hold while also providing greater protection and heat dissipation.

    OPPO’s thoughtful consideration of its users is also manifested in ColorOS 12.1, which includes features such as the O Relax digital relaxation suite and Color Vision Enhancement for those who perceive color differently or have color vision impairments.

    Meanwhile, OPPO’s Battery Health Engine ensures the phone’s battery is able to maintain more than 80% of its effective power after 1,600 charge cycles — which greatly extends the product durability.

    With the new Find X5 Series, OPPO is breaking new ground in technological innovation and human-centric user experience in the high-end market while sticking to its core values — a trait that OPPO will maintain as it continues to explore new possibilities in technology and products that help make life better for users worldwide.

    1. OnePlus is included in the OPPO global shipment
    2. OnePlus is included in the OPPO global market share

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