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OPPO Pad Air

OPPO Pad Air OPPO Pad Air
Seriously Light Entertainment
2K Display | Powerful Productivity | Immersive Entertainment
2K Display | Powerful Productivity
| Immersive Entertainment
  • KSP + 2K Eye-Care Display
    26.31cm (10.36'')
    2K Eye-Care Display
  • KSP + Extended RAM
    4GB+3GB Extended RAM¹
  • KSP +  Smart Multitasking with ColorOS
    Smart Multitasking with ColorOS for Pad
  • KSP + Snapdragon 680
    Snapdragon® 680
    8-Core 6nm Processor
    Snapdragon® 680
    8-Core 6nm
  • KSP + Ultra-slim&Light Body
    6.94mm Ultra-Slim & Light Body
  • KSP + 7100mAh Battery
    7100mAh Big Battery
    Up To 15 hrs Video Call
    7100mAh Big
    Battery Up To
    15hrs Video Call
  • KSP + Dolby Atmos Quad-Speakers
    Dolby Atmos Symmetrical Quad-Speaker
A Blend of Technology and Aesthetics
Lightweight, Exquisite, and Comfortable
With the 6.94mm ultra-slim body and weighing in at a lightweight² 440g, OPPO Pad Air makes it effortless to carry around. The floating screen and seamlessly thin body gives you an unbelievably gorgeous view. Every detail has been expertly designed for the most enjoyable experience.
Ultra-slim&Light Body
  • 6.94mm
  • 440g
A Shimmering Expanse of Possibility
Industry First Sunset Dune 3D Texture³
Inspired by the beauty of dunes at sunset, the surface of the OPPO Pad Air utilises OPPO’s signature OPPO Glow industrial surface-finishing technique for a flowing, elegant look that remains fingerprint-free. Featuring a smooth, curved design, it is a joy to hold and behold.
Grey Color
A cool, calm collection of OPPO's advances in subtle-yet-innovative industrial finishes.
OPPO Pad Air design 1
OPPO Pad Air design 2
Power up Your Imagination
More Power to You
Snapdragon® 680 8-Core 6nm Processor Snapdragon® 680
8-Core 6nm Processor
Equipped with the high-performance and power-efficient Snapdragon® 8-core 6nm processor, the OPPO Pad Air can carry out more advanced tasks while conserving power. No more waiting for apps to open – it’s time to enjoy smooth gaming and multitasking.
Snapdragon 680  Processor
Big Battery for All-Day Use
Get up to 15 hours of continuous video calls or 12 hours of movies with a mega 7100mAh battery. Running low? Top up in no time with 18W Fast Charge via USB-PD.
  • 7100mAh
  • 18W
    Fast Charge via USB-PD
  • Up to 15 Hours of Video Call
  • Up to 12 Hours Video Playback
7100mAh Battery
Taking Immersion to
the Next Level
Immersion to
the Next Level
A Wider View for More Fun
26.31cm (10.36'') 2K Eye-Care Display
With a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, the 10.36-inch display delivers crystal-clear image quality and vibrant colors. Meanwhile, the 8mm ultra-narrow bezel design and a screen-to-body ratio of 83.5% ensure an immersive entertainment experience.
2K Eye-Care Display
  • 10.36-inch
  • 2K
    2K Screen 2K
  • 2000 × 1200 Pixels 2000 × 1200
  • 8mm
    8mm Bezels 8mm
  • 83.5%
    83.5% Screen-to-
    body Ratio
    body Ratio
  • 1 Billion Colors 1 Billion
  • Eye-Care Display Eye-Care
  • 2048 Levels of
    Adaptive Brightness
    2048 Levels
    of Adaptive
We Care About Eye Care
Eye-Care function 1 Eye-Care function 2
We Care About Eye Care
The OPPO Pad Air’s display supports up to 2048 levels of automatic brightness adjustment based on surrounding conditions. It also provides 578 levels below 20 nits, offering a comfortable viewing experience even in a low-light environment.
We Care About Eye Care
Certified by Tüv Rheinland, eye-comfort is prioritised by reducing blue light emission, to protect eyes during long viewing sessions.
Eye-Care function 2
Clear. Richer. Deeper
Dolby Atmos Symmetrical Quad-Speaker
Dolby Atmos takes the tablet listening experience to new heights. Discover a more detailed listening experience via four symmetrical 1W full-range speakers featuring 0.8 cc sound chambers for expansive surround sound.
Dolby Atmos Symmetrical Quad-Speaker
ColorOS for Pad¹⁰
All for Creativity
Dual Windows¹¹
Max Efficiency
Run two instances of an app on the same screen for more convenient and productive multitasking.
Dual Windows
Dual Windows
Split Screen¹²
for Easier
Split Screen¹² for
Easier Multitasking
Simply swipe down with two fingers to open two apps simultaneously with split screen, for a more efficient of working or communicating.
Split Screen
Split Screen
Smart Multitasking
Multi-Screen Connect¹³
Multi-Screen Connect not only casts the phone screen to the tablet, but also supports reverse control and text input for efficient multitasking.
Clipboard sharing
After casting a phone screen to the tablet, text can be copied on either device and pasted on the other device.
Drag-and-drop files
Touch and hold a file until it floats, and then drag it to another app or device.
One-tap pairing with a phone's mobile network¹⁴
When your phone is connected to a network, scan the QR code on the phone to connect the OPPO Pad Air to the network.
Multi-Screen Connect
One-tap pairing
Multi-Screen Connect Clipboard sharing Drag-and-drop files One-tap pairing
One-tap pairing
One-tap pairing
1. RAM Expansion adds virtual RAM to the original physical RAM. The data was collected from the model used in laboratory testing; The actual results may vary depending on the model.
2. Thickness and weight measured by OPPO laboratory. Actual product size may vary due to the manufacturing process and measurement methods.
3. The unique 3D texture on the surface of OPPO Pad Air is created by using an OPPO Glow-based thermal pressure process. It looks different on different color versions. Grey glitters with light and dark shades and looks like a sand dune at midnight. The colors and details of the product may vary on devices, and the image is for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.
4. OPPO Pod Air’s battery has an equivalent capacity of about 7100mAh (typical). This model supports 18W Fast Charge, and the battery has been specially encrypted for safety purposes. In order to repair your battery or to get a genuine replacement battery, please go to on official OPPO service center.
5. The battery life data is from the OPPO laboratory and supplier’s test data. The actual battery life may vary slightly depending on the test software version, the test environment, and the product version.
6. The screen has rounded corners, with a diagonal length of 10.36 inches. Please refer to the actual product.
7. The screen-to body ratio is calculated by dividing the display area by the whole panel area.
8. 1 billion colors refer to a 10-bit color depth (8 bits supported by hardware and 2 bits realized by software). A 10-bit screen can display up to 1.07 billion (2^10 x 2^10 x 2^10) colors.
9. OPPO Pod Air has been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue light, but this product is not a medical device and should not be used for treatment.
10. The system of OPPO Pad Air has been optimised for landscape adaptation to provide a better user experience, including but not limited to large-screen games, large-screen movies, and custom Input methods. More software will be supported with OTA updates.
11. Dual windows display two pages of the same app simultaneously on the home screen. This feature is only available for some apps, and the list of supported apps will continue to be updated. The illustration is for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for availability and functionality.
12. In split screen mode, two apps can run on the home screen simultaneously. You can drag videos and images from one app to the other, or drag the separating line to adjust the size of the split-screen windows. More software will be supported with OTA updates.
13. The OPPO Pad Air supports Multi-Screen Connect with ColorOS 12.1 and later phones. Due to hardware performance and other reasons, the range of supported models will be based on the actual phone version released, and the upgrade time will be subject to the ColorOS upgrade notice.
14. This is not limited to OPPO phones. Most Android phones support this feature.

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