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ColorOS 3.2 based
on android 7.1

This brand new design interface based on Android 7.1 is
refreshing in all senses. From brighter looks to snappier
downloads and greater security features, ColorOS 3.2 brings
your mobile journey right up to top speed.

Speedy facial

As a new function, facial unlock is a really
friendly option apart from fingerprint. Just
put your face in front of the front camera,
then the phone is immediately unlocked.
When your hands are wet, the facial unlock
is a big help. Face or fingerprint – it’s speedy
and convenient either way.

*Depend on the specific model.

*Face recognition is less secure than fingerprint, pattern code, and digital passcode.

O-Share wonder

Experience the liberation of wireless file transfers between OPPO devices without relying on Internet or
Bluetooth technology. This handy feature frees you up from cumbersome networks and mobile data
charges, with the maximum transmission speeds up to 100 times faster via O-Share than Bluetooth.

Split the views

No more toggling between apps or functions
on the F5 as the split screen ramps ups your
efficiency quotient. Be it WhatsApp and
YouTube, or Facebook Messenger and Google
Maps – enjoy both simultaneously, regardless
of which pair you choose.

Hold off gaming distractions

Never miss another easy kill or have victory snatched from under your nose with nail-biting games
disrupted by incoming calls at crucial moments. ColorOS 3.2 takes away a huge source of gaming
frustration, by letting you make the choice of whether to answer a call or continue with the game.

Easy on the

The F5 offers an eye protection mode to bring comfort
to your avid night-time gaming sessions. The Night
Shield feature under ColorOS 3.2 filters out blue light
to relieve the strain on your eyes, giving you greater
stamina while protecting your eyesight. Choose
between normal, warm as well as black and white
tones to optimize your visual comfort.