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6.0" FHD+  Full screen

The F5 touch screen is limitless in the purest form, unadulterated by borders or buttons. All 6.0" FHD+
display fit aesthetically within a narrow frame, making it easily portable. The vibrantly colorful screen
featuring 2160x1080 pixels is visually immersive, whether you are flicking through your photo albums,
watching videos or playing games.

Sensually sleek

The sleek unibody of the F5 is a sight to behold
and a pleasure to touch. As with all things
elegant, its simplicity belies the elaborate
design process. Its unusual lightness of being
adds a poetic touch to its overall feel.

Curved surface

The F5’s curved exterior adheres to a streamlined design philosophy. Honed from countless design
calibrations to arrive at its signature graceful look and feel, it embodies elegance in its entirety. Regardless
of which angle you are viewing it from, or how light it feels to your touch.

Delicate linear finish

Ushering in the F5’s perfectionist streak is a 0.4mm hairline laser string carved using vacuum radium
technology. Located at the tip of the device, this finespun linear finish is one intricate detail that sets it
apart in the design stakes.

Whatever takes your fancy

The OPPO F5 comes in sophisticated Black or Gold models, and also offers you a choice of a higher
performance 6GB RAM version.

The F5 6GB makes a stunning entrance in a fashionably vibrant red and black, with a higher 64GB ROM
configuration for a smoother switching, gaming, storage and all-round operating experience.