• Press Release
  • 2022-03-07
  • BreakTheBias: OPPO champions diversity in the workplace by empowering its female talents

    KUALA LUMPUR, 7 March 2022 — In conjunction with International Women’s Day and in line with this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias, OPPO, a brand which is synonymous with progressive tech and innovation, takes the helm in shaping a culture that advocates equality, important especially in the tech industry which is traditionally male-dominated.

    Through initiatives such as orientation trainings and internal knowledge sharing programmes, employees, regardless of gender or field of expertise, are given the same set of tools to upskill and grow within their respective capacities.

    By implementing diversity across the board, OPPO has empowered and enabled more female employees a well-deserved seat at the table as they are groomed to excel in a fast-growing tech industry.

    Human Resources & Admin Director of OPPO aed (Authorized Exclusive Distributor in Malaysia), Liu YiFan, notes that OPPO remains committed to employing more female talents to join its workforce towards ensuring that there is more female representation in the tech industry.

    “OPPO firmly believes that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is vital, especially in the tech industry and female employees lend valuable insights to propel the brand forward as they possess strong maternal characteristics when dealing with interpersonal relationships and show a stronger sense of principle and firmness in making decisions; all strengths that make them unique as employees. At OPPO, we aim to continue equipping our talents to serve in their various capacities while ensuring diversity across the board. In the future, we hope to have more female employees to “grow and glow” in the company,” said Liu YiFan.

    Bai Lang, OPPO’s Senior Imaging Product Manager believes that OPPO prioritises each team members’strength regardless of gender or background.

    OPPO’s Bai Lang is a prime example of the brand’s commitment towards diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Bai, OPPO’s Senior Imaging Product Manager has invested close to 3 years of her career with OPPO, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the imaging and photography field. Bai and all her team members were instrumental in driving some of the innovative tech behind the photography element of OPPO’s devices, including the conceptualization and standardization of the parameters of every step in taking a picture, which finally contributed to OPPO’s Full-Path Color Management System. This is the first Android Color Management System capable of supporting 10-bit colour depth from capture to storage and display, and was introduced for the first time in OPPO’s flagship Find X3 Pro. Bai believes that her role and her interests in photography have enabled her to lend a much-needed female voice and perspective to the development of smartphone imaging features in the tech industry at large.

    Bai shares that OPPO upholds a high standard when it comes to building technology for mankind and she values how the brand prioritises each team members’ strength, regardless of gender or background. Bai firmly believes that OPPO has given her the platform and training to specialize in her current role. “OPPO has placed me in a position that allows me to play to my strengths, which is my knowledge and background in imaging. Through the empowerment given to me by OPPO, I will strive to continue devoting my time and effort towards conceptualizing products that brings the vision of innovative tech to life,” said Bai.

    Rachel Wong, OPPO’s Head of Legal and Compliance believes that the trust and support given to her by OPPO has enabled her to thrive in her role.

    OPPO’s Head of Legal & Compliance, Rachel Wong, echoes Bai’s sentiments on how OPPO is committed towards building its female workforce by providing support for her role as well as work flexibility especially during the pandemic.

    Rachel makes up one of the formative team members, and serves as the lead, of OPPO’s legal department which was formed several months into the pandemic. The team is responsible for providing complete legal, compliance and company secretarial service and has successfully completed its first company-wide legal audit late last year as part of its regularization plan while establishing the groundworks for a good corporate governance practise.

    Rachel said, “OPPO is very different from all the previous employers and senior management’s office which I have been attached to. Here at OPPO, the trust and support given to me by the management has allowed me to develop the department into what it is today, despite the trying times and struggles during this pandemic. To all female employees out there, whilst juggling work and family is a close-to-impossible task, one should never underestimate nor downplay her qualities and ability to contribute to the brand as a whole.”

    Sammi Luo, OPPO’s Director of E-Commerce Business in APAC stresses how OPPO has given her the freedom to chart her own progress within her team.

    Sammi Luo shared the same sentiments as Rachel when speaking about how OPPO empowers its employees with enough support and internal upskilling initiatives. Joining OPPO in 2019, Sammi now holds the position of Director for OPPO’s E-commerce business in APAC, where she assembled a dedicated team and remains committed to leading the members to make more breakthroughs in the e-commerce business, as the development of e-commerce is one of OPPO's key directions for 2022.

    Sammi said, “In my role of E-Commerce, I have had to juggle many different portfolios and manage a team at the same time. OPPO has given me the freedom to chart my own progress as an employee and helped me to develop my soft skills through initiatives such as business forums and in-house training courses.”

    Moving forward, OPPO will continue to empower women through its strong stances on breaking stereotypes and encouraging talent across teams.




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