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OPPO A77 Officially Hits Malaysian Shores in end of this May


Kuala Lumpur, 24 May 2017 — Mobile photography has grown rapidly over the past few years, it is no longer that difficult to get a camera phone which comes with a decent front-facing camera. Good news to you is that OPPO A77 is coming to Malaysia!




If you’re a selfie-lover, you will definitely be excited to know that OPPO A77 comes with a really impressive 16MP Beautify front camera, which is perfect for taking photos in most lighting conditions. The front camera comes with gesture support to take selfies by waving your palm; you can easily snap a nice selfie. Not to forget, it also has a built-in beautify feature to improve users’ selfies. Overall, users can get a far better experience with the front-facing shooter now than you did with other selfie-centric camera phone. On top of that, the OPPO A77 features 13MP rear camera that offers good performance in daylight and of course, in low-light conditions.


Apart from having amazing camera capabilities, OPPO A77 also packs with 3200mAh battery that will have zero problems lasting an entire day on a single charge, impressive isn’t it? All in all, OPPO A77 is absolutely an amazing selfie-centric device.

What more could you ask for?


Comes in Gold colour only.