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  • 2024-06-24
  • Why Silver is the New Standard

    What goes into choosing the color of a new smartphone? It's a lot less simple than just browsing a catalog or going with the flavor of the month. We painstakingly research, experiment, and remix our designs with meticulous detail.

    But why work so hard over a color when most users slap a phone case on anyway, you might ask. Well, at OPPO, we believe the design establishes that magical connection the first time you see the device, and we want you to be happy whether it's in a case or not.

    With the Reno12 Series, we wanted to go with something striking yet smooth. Something that's solid but gives the impression of liquid fluidity. Something that's retro and futuristic. For us, silver came in first place. Read on to find out how and why.

    Silver is the Future
    The OPPO Reno12 Series is part of a new era of AI phones. With this bold step into the future, we wanted a design language that reflects (literally) these advancements. That's why we went for a color that evokes starcraft, spacesuits, and the T1000 (minus the Skynet takeover).

    For Reno11, we adopted the mantra "Stand out in Design," which we built on this for the next generation. Standing out doesn't mean being flashy or gawdy; it's grabbing attention in a more subtle way. This direction meant we had to be careful when crafting a mirror-like exterior, which could easily slip into a sort of tackiness. The matte silver hue, called Nebula Silver (Pro version), provides an understated elegance, while the dashes of infused violet give it that vibrant glow.

    There certainly is a liveliness and energy to the Reno12 Series. Our new Fluid Ripple Texture was created to replicate "the parallax effect"—giving the illusion of depth when in motion. When the light catches the back of this smartphone, you get the sense of rippling waves, whitecaps, or shifting sands. We're confident in saying you've never seen a phone like this before, with the 3D effect on a smooth surface providing a visual feast throughout the day.

    How it's Made
    When we said the Reno12 5G is reflective, we really meant it. The unique color has a reflectivity level of over 90%, which itself presented several challenges when selecting the coating materials. We needed something that would maintain Reno's classic durability without interfering with signals or detracting from the design. Conventional coatings wouldn't cut it. So, we decided on amorphous silicon (a-Si), which is not only durable but highly refractive, maintaining our Nebula Silver aesthetic while ensuring that this phone will last a long time.

    And we mean that, too. The Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus® 2 is the toughest screen in the history of the Reno Series, with flagship-level resistance to bending, scratching, and drop impacts. We even used cushioning materials inside the device to further protect key components and enhance shock absorption. Of course, there's the classic but important water and dust resistance, with the Reno12 5G boasting an impressive IP65 rating. We didn't sacrifice strength to achieve the silver aesthetic.

    Once everything's in place, we polish the curvature at the back cover to give it that extra sheen. Due to our research in material science, the Reno12 Pro 5G is only 7.45mm thick and weighs 181g, so it feels as light as it looks. All these elements combine to give the user a comfortable time holding the phone, adding to the impression of weightlessness.

    Back to the Future
    What's the impression of how the Reno12 5G turned out? That's for our users to decide, but we're delighted. Our philosophy was retro-futurism: that feeling of nostalgia coupled with the wonder of moving forward in technology. The device looks like a classic Reno, yet with that otherworldly quality, a fine balancing act to get right.

    Indeed, the Reno Series was always famous for its bold designs. OPPO Glow championed shimmering textures and unique tonal blends, creating that radiant hue. Colors come alive on the phone exteriors, changing in the light and when put in motion. With that in mind, the Nebula and Astro Silver are new takes on a classic.

    This time, we were inspired by sci-fi pop culture, with a reimagining of how the future would look from a past perspective. We wanted something that would look at home on the Star Trek or Interstellar set while also looking like a device released in the coming decade. Since this is a pioneering AI phone on the cusp of huge breakthroughs, we think that's extremely fitting.

    If you're enamored with the Reno12 5G design, you can boldly go learn more here.

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