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  • 2020-06-03
  • Unmissable Lockdown Performances Shot On OPPO Find X2

    Unmissable Lockdown Performances Shot On OPPO Find X2

    We at OPPO are strong believers in the arts and supportive of all types of artistic endeavors across the globe. Our devices are continually tuned and refined with consideration for creators. Musicians especially benefit from high quality video and audio recording to display their performances and creations.

    Therefore, we have made it a part of our mission to specially attune OPPO Find X2 Series for producing extraordinary photo, video, and audio. One such musician who can be seen gracefully melodizing in our recent musical collaboration is Nao.

    Introducing Nao

    Neo Jessica Joshua – known as Nao – is a rising R&B star with a uniquely light and airy voice. She started off playing piano in her early childhood, began taking singing seriously as a teenager, and went on to study vocal jazz at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In the past 5 years she has produced her own contemporary, funky style – that manages to sound both youthful and wise simultaneously.¹

    Nao is an amazing fit with OPPO, and we caught the entire performance on OPPO Find X2 Pro – perfectly demonstrating the compelling creations that are made possible using cutting-edge recording technology. Presented by Rick Edwards, this collaboration between Kaleidoscope, an orchestral ensemble, along with Nao wonderfully blends together classical and modern R&B styles to create a uniquely bright and inspirational performance.

    Similarly, in Australia OPPO has also collaborating with artists in a mini-series ‘Under The Covers’, first of which collaborates with folk-inspired Australian singer-songwriter Vera Blue.

    She made her debut in 2013 on The Voice with performances of songs from favorite artists including Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, and Fleetwood Mac. Since then, Vera Blue has produced two studio albums, a wide range of singles, and has toured extensively through Australia.

    Check out this clip of Vera Blue performing her rendition of “Heroes” by David Bowie!

    Remarkable Live Recording on OPPO Find X2 Series

    OPPO Find X2 Pro makes a wonderful recording device for live music as well as general video. Here are a few of our favorite features:

    Live HDR Video mode records real-time HDR video in 10-bit color depth. Combined with our True Billion Color Display, every video you record becomes a dynamic, cinematic experience.

    Omni-Directional PDAF enables quick focus in every lighting environment, ensuring your captures are clear in every scenario, especially when performances move quickly.

    3-Mic Recording captures 360-degree audio while filtering out background noise, so that both speech and musical performances sound crisp and clear.
    OPPO Find X2 Series is ready to embrace the emerging era of 5G internet – perfect for sharing your recordings with friends and fans!

    ‘Under The Covers’ by OPPO Australia will be featuring more artists soon, don’t forget to subscribe and check out their latest collaborations, this week featuring an acoustic performance by Jungle Giants.

    ¹Kellman, Andy. “Nao: Biography & History.” AllMusic, www.allmusic.com/artist/nao-mn0002947938/biography.

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