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  • 2024-07-11
  • Why the Reno12 Series
    Takes AI Personally

    Sometimes, it can feel like Artificial Intelligence (AI) exists in an ethereal realm—something you've heard about but never truly felt was within reach. AI can seem idealized in case scenarios that make you wonder if anyone experiences those benefits in real life.

    The AI features on the OPPO Reno12 Series are designed to work seamlessly with you, enhancing your daily life. These tools are crafted to streamline activities such as photography, writing, voice interaction, and connectivity, among others. Rather than requiring you to change your lifestyle, these devices aim to enrich your existing one.

    Picture Perfect(ed)
    AI Eraser, our tool for removing unwanted details from photos, is back with an improved 2.0 version. Not only does it recognize various categories of items—including people, pets, flowers, and buildings—but AI Eraser 2.0 now excels in removing passersby with a dedicated feature.

    The moments captured by talent shouldn't be spoiled by details beyond your control. It's not just about passersby. Didn't notice a trash can or a lamppost in the corner of the shot? With new one-click removal and an accuracy of 98%, immense editing power is now at your fingertips.

    When it comes to details in the forefront, the AI in your OPPO Reno12 Pro 5G has you covered with its AI Clear Face feature. This springs into action during group photo shots with the front camera. Thanks to this optimization mode, you can select photos with up to ten people in your album and enhance details such as facial contours, hair, and eyebrows. Because this process happens on-device, it ensures convenience, privacy, and speed (editing can be as fast as 1.8 seconds).

    Coming very soon to your Reno12 device, AI Best Face will be your helping hand when a member of the group photo is caught with their eyes closed. This split-second can ruin the photos for everyone, but you'll be able to save these moments of bad timing.

    Blink, and you won't miss it.

    So far, we've focused on using AI to enhance photos of real objects and scenarios. With AI Studio1, however, the goal is to transport you into another dimension—at least, a version of you in avatar form.

    Use this feature to transform any existing photo of yourself into a digital avatar. Utilizing the latest GenAI technology, it offers a myriad of styles, allowing you to finally look like a hero straight out of that cyberpunk world you admire. Or a cowboy. Or even a retro, pixelated you. Share an HTML5 link with your friends, enabling them to join a Group AI Photo and share in the fun.

    Let's Get (AI) to Work
    When it comes to productivity, the technology interprets your activities and provides personalized assistance.

    The new AI Toolbox, supported by Google Gemini, includes AI Writer, AI Speak, and AI Summary. We do a lot of writing on our smartphones, often without realizing it. When you're composing a message or a social media post, AI Writer appears as a recommendation on the Sidebar of your device, ready to provide that extra boost of inspiration.

    We're proud of how versatile the Sidebar is in assisting you. When you're reading instead of writing, the Sidebar suggests AI Speak and AI Summary. These tools help you quickly understand what you're reading on your web browser, saving you valuable time.

    Time is also of the essence when it comes to recording meetings, interviews, or voice notes. Open the Recordings app and find the brand-new AI Recording Summary. Based on Google's Gemini, this new GenAI feature from OPPO can also export the summaries of your recordings to the Notes app, ensuring you stay organized and efficient. AI Recording Summary knows what's important. In the Notes app, details such as to-do lists, times, and locations are already conveniently highlighted for you.

    Imagine attending an event with important lectures where you don't want to miss any detail. AI Record Summary can be your perfect companion, recording everything and presenting it in easy-to-understand summaries. Whether you're capturing potential career-defining moments or creating a shopping list before a trip to the supermarket, AI Record Summary adapts seamlessly, making sense of everything you discuss. It's versatile like that.

    Your Lag-free Experience is Priceless
    These days, the experience you have with any smartphone is intrinsic to the connection to the world around you. AI LinkBoost maximizes this digital connectivity.

    With its 360º Surround Antenna solution, AI LinkBoost consists of nine individual antennas capable of boosting signal reception and optimizing network selection. This is done by using a system-level AI model.

    In more practical terms, it intelligently recognizes your network condition and switches between them to make sure your connection stays reliable. This becomes particularly important when you are in places where a lot of smartphones are connected and sending data via networks.

    A Battery of Optimizations
    Battery life on any device depends on several factors, including the apps you use—some are more power-hungry than others. The OPPO Reno12 Series leverages Trinity Engine to enhance battery performance.

    Through the Trinity Engine, AI intelligently identifies the computational requirements of each app. It then optimizes the device's processor power consumption accordingly. This intelligent management ensures efficient use of battery power, helping you get the most out of your device throughout the day.

    It's Not Magical. It Just Feels Like It.
    AI functionality is only as impactful as the problems it can solve and the improvements it can make. In the Reno12 Series, AI is deeply integrated into the core of the devices, not just showcased on launch posters but seamlessly woven into everyday life.

    To learn is to improve. While we are excited for you to try these AI features now, we know they will adapt to your usage patterns. Stagnancy is not in our DNA and will be evident in the OPPO Reno12 Series. You learn with the devices, and the devices learn with you, for you. The continuous evolution of AI features in the palm of your hand proves that not all updates need an install button.

    OPPO is committed to making AI for everyone, ensuring it enhances daily routines without requiring users to alter their habits. Whether you're taking photos, writing, listening, or connecting, the Reno12 Series harnesses AI to streamline and enhance these experiences.

    With OPPO's vision, you can relax and let the device handle optimizations effortlessly, making AI an accessible and integral part of your everyday life. None of this is magical, but we hope it continues to feel like it one day, month, or year after you unbox your OPPO Reno12 Series device.

    1. The Al features described may not be included in the software version at launch. In some countries and regions, these Al features will be updated via OTA. Please refer to the features in the actual version; An Account login may be required to access certain OPPO Al features.; OPPO AI features will vary due to regional laws and cloud-based capability of the user's location. You need an internet connection to use AI-related features.

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