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  • 2020-04-27
  • #StayHome, Stay Healthy

    #StayHome, Stay Healthy

    Mental Health & Digital Wellbeing
    As the time we spend indoors has increased, the time we use digital devices has risen astronomically. Many studies suggest that the use of many digital media forms – including watching TV, streaming services, news, and gaming – has increased by upwards of 50%.¹
    It’s important as ever now to apply balance to our lives by engaging in a variety of activities. In some cases, this means limiting screen time for the sake of mental health. Many studies indicate that overuse of devices can lead to sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s important to counteract overuse by taking time to connect with others, eat and sleep well, and practice mindfulness.

    One app we can use to aid in this is Digital Wellbeing – which comes pre-installed on your OPPO smartphone in ColorOS 7. It holds a host of tools, including ‘Do Not Disturb’, and the ability to customize notifications improving your mobile experience to reduce stress. Additionally, a dashboard shows all app usage time where limits can be set.

    ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode does exactly what you’d expect it to – once enabled, all notifications will be disabled in order to ensure complete freedom from mobile distractions. Key contacts like loved ones that you still need to hear from, or emergency contacts can be enabled within the settings.

    Did you know that your notifications are 100% customizable? With an OPPO phone, you can decide which alerts to see, when you see them, and how they look and sound on your device using ‘Focus Mode’. Controlling the inflow of your notifications can greatly limit the amount of energy consumed by superfluous use, allowing you to focus more on what really matters. ‘Wind Down’ is more specifically tailored for going to sleep, setting the phone to greyscale to protect your eyes and encourage you to put it down in good time before bed.

    You can also toggle ‘Dark Mode’ within the settings; a system-wide color inversion, where white text over an almost black background is used as opposed to a white background with black text, as traditionally displayed. Information is still clearly visible, while reducing overall brightness and subsequently easing eye strain.

    OPPO Relax on OPPO Find X2 Series offers breathing exercises, instrumental music and white noise to assist users with meditation, concentration, and sleep. Disconnect from stress and ease your mind with ambient sound for a while.

    NFC & Android Pay
    When you absolutely must go outside, be sure to use NFC with Android pay where possible. By doing so, you can complete payments from the safety of your phone without having to handle any cash.
    Payment with NFC is better than ever on OPPO Find X2 Series, which features dual side NFC that makes quick payment super convenient.

    Health Apps
    From Home Exercise to Healthy Eating to Meditation – there’s an app out there for just about any health goal you might have. Being held to a standard or schedule can help instil a sense of responsibility, encouraging us to Stay Healthy during these trying times.

    Enjoying togetherness with family is a wonderfully effective way of staying healthy during #StayHome. Filmmaker Andy To used his OPPO Find X2 Pro to document his anniversary spent cooking at home and watching movies with his wife:

    We should all support each other in these trying times by showing kindness to each other. Let’s work together to keep a positive mindset so that we can all #StayHome and Stay Healthy!

    ¹How the Outbreak Is Changing Entertainment Habits - Globalwebindex Viktoriya Trifonova - https://blog.globalwebindex.com/trends/how-the-outbreak-is-changing-entertainment-habits/
    ²Harwood, Joshua. Constantly Connected – The Effects of Smart-Devices on Mental Health. University of Bath, 2014, research.gold.ac.uk/.

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