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  • 2020-04-27
  • #StayHome, Stay Connected

    #StayHome, Stay Connected

    We at OPPO believe that it is vital to the fight against COVID-19 to #StayHome and keep ourselves and others safe. During this challenging time, it’s important to keep connected with regards to work, friends, and loved ones. Together, we can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness by supporting one another and keeping productive in our day to day lives. Apps like Zoom and Houseparty allow us to connect with friends and colleagues from the safety of our homes, while a number of productivity features and apps can be adopted to assist our daily flow.

    Trying to keep in contact with friends, co-workers, and clients? There are several simple solutions available right on your phone that can help us stay connected.

    Video Calling & Conferencing
    Many social media websites and apps enable us to virtually connect with our friends, family, and colleagues through video calling functions. The trending platform Zoom is keeping friendly faces connected across the globe. Zoom was created with the vision of having multiple users conveniently connect across a variety of platforms.

    Video calls on OPPO Find X2 series are more pleasant than ever before, due to its wondrously smooth 120Hz refresh rate, 3K QHD+ clarity, and billion-color vibrancy. Experience immersive, lifelike video calls and conferences with Find X2’s stunning visuals and Dolby Atmos audio.

    Now is the perfect time to go online with friends and enjoy video chatting, games, and watching films/tv together! Here are a few ideas that we love to get you started.

    #StayHome, Stay Connected

    Looking for something fun to do with your friends from home? Houseparty is a face-to-face social network that encourages digital socialization through video chatting and games. It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and loved ones and gives us all something fun to do together!

    Houseparty is free to use and available for download on Play Store.

    Film/TV Viewing Parties
    It’s the perfect time to bond with others over videos, TV series, and films!

    Hosting a Netflix Party enables you and your friends to synchronously watch the same movies and shows together. It includes a live text chat function on the side of the screen, where you and your friends can chat together in real time.

    Similar apps like TwoSeven and Metastream allow groups of people to watch all sorts of media together from the comfort of their homes.

    Enjoy your media to the utmost with stunning 120Hz precision and QHD+ resolution on your OPPO Find X2 device!

    Split Screen Mode & Productivity
    Split screen mode can be wildly useful for keeping track of multiple apps or processes at once. Instead of painstakingly exiting and reentering your apps each one at a time, you can keep your favorite app open on one side of your screen while switching out the other side accordingly – perfect for effective multi-taskers!

    OPPO’s split screen and productivity features are vital to boosting productivity while at work – you can keep important information such as notes, records, calendars, and other information sources handy while also communicating or researching further information on the other end of your display.

    Looking to save some stress on your eyes or limit device use? Check out screen time settings, where you can change the screen off time or place limits on the amount of time you can use certain types of apps. Adjusting your display settings can help keep your eyes from straining, reduce usage, and conserve battery life all at once!

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