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  • 2024-01-25
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    Brand-new ColorOS 14

    For most of our connected, everyday lives, we see our smartphones as a whole thing. If you want to message friends, you can send an SMS through the messenger app or WhatsApp. You can watch videos on YouTube, play games, and, well, you know how much we love our phones.

    But each device is far from one singular experience. Each component was designed to work as seamlessly as possible, and that's where the operating system stands out. The way we use our phones relies on how smooth and smart the OS is. Thankfully, ColorOS is just that.

    ColorOS 14 has finally arrived, bringing a host of new features designed to optimize your smartphone experience. Discover how these various smart features can save you time and energy, and generally make your life easier.

    Trinity Engine

    Three's the magic number. OPPO's exclusive Trinity Engine will  fine-tune your phone's resource management, leading to much-improved stability and smoothness. Do you find that the longer you live in a place it tends to become cluttered and full of knick-knacks? Well, Trinity Engine is like a good spring cleaning. To achieve this, it combines three methods:

    An overabundance of photos, videos, and files in your phone's storage can cause it to slow down as it ages. ROM Vitalization uses app and file compression to clean up your data, remove duplicates, and free up space, which can save up to 20GB of storage!

    RAM Vitalization enhances memory performance to boost multi-app efficiency. This accelerates app launch speeds and fluidity when switching between them, as well as keeping frequently used apps running in the background for up to 72 hours.

    CPU Vitalization is an intelligent power model that precisely allocates battery resources to use only the exact amount required. This reduces battery drain while maintaining a smooth experience.

    Charge Smarter

    So many smartphone features are "smart", so why not charging, too? ColorOS 14's Smart Charging utilizes an AI algorithm to adjust the charging current depending on the phone's usage, helping to prevent battery wear and tear. You can also choose to automatically stop charging at 80%, helping to slow down battery aging—perfect for those who plug in overnight!

    OPPO reinvented fast-charging with SUPERVOOC™, and we continue to find ways to stay at top speed. Like Arctic Mode, a function that optimizes charging even in extreme temperatures. No matter your habits or environment, Smart Charging improvises, adapts, and overcomes.

    Exciting Efficiency

    ColorOS 14 is designed to cut out unneeded steps and save you precious time. AI-powered Smart Touch does just that. Simply select content (text, videos, images, etc.) and drag them to the File Dock, where they can even be collected into a single note. No cropping, no screenshotting, no hassle.

    Once in the File Dock, you can transfer the info across apps via split screen, floating windows, or the dock itself. Plus, the content can be synced across devices, so a stored image/text/video on your phone is easily accessible on your tablet. It's tailor-made to be quick and convenient.

    Editing is also made easy. With Smart Image Matting, simply tap and hold any image subject, like a person or animal, to extract them as a singular cut-out. Don't worry—you can select up to six cut-outs from a single picture, and they're accurately identifiable even against complex backgrounds. They're also compatible with File Dock, so you can drag and drop or copy and paste with ease. Smart Image Matting opens up plenty of creative opportunities, from personalized wallpapers to posters and collages!

    Color Me Impressed

    With all of these shortcuts, ColorOS 14 will save you tonnes of time. We keep our focus on creating a smarter and smoother experience so you can focus on productivity and keeping an easier day-to-day life. No more switching back and forth between apps or fiddling about with unwieldy edit functions. Not only that, but you can browse safe in the knowledge that your OS is fully optimized to save battery and make your device last longer.

    Try these impressive functions for yourself and smarten up your smartphone experience! https://www.oppo.com/en/coloros14/


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