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  • 2021-06-12
  • Inspiring Right Now! OPPO Service Day Upgraded in June

    From June 10th to 12th, OPPO Support launched the “Inspiring Plan” and upgraded its Service Day in 23 regions around the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. It is noteworthy that OPPO Service Day event, originally held on the 10th of each month, is extended to three days this year.  Furthermore, OPPO prepared exclusive 10-30% discounts on screens,battery, and back cover refresh of the designated models, as well as accessories 10% off purchase. More surprise services like manicure, make-up were also available at the service center! Besides, for users who live far away from the local service centers, there were outdoor stalls for them to enjoy the event, too.

    Since OPPO Service Day event was initially launched in October last year, it has covered more than 300 OPPO Service Centers, 23 countries and regions so far. “Inspiring” is one of OPPO’s core ideas for developing the service. OPPO has always believed that good after-sales service is not merely about repair. Instead, it should be a process of helping users gain inspiration on the daily use and maintenance of smartphones. Besides, OPPO put users as our number one priority and improves services according to users’ feedbacks, which is also an inspiring process for OPPO to grow up. Inspiring Plan, is an activity based on the concept of OPPO Support ”Inspiring”. OPPO will continue to provide favorable service events for users from 10th to 12th of each month with the core idea of “Care& Reach”.

    As we keep on providing better services during this pandemic, we would like our customers to be assured that we are a brand that cares about our customer’s safety and puts it at the utmost priority. OPPO Service Centers strictly follow guidelines set in accordance with the government requirements. All of our staff at the service centers are required to wear a face mask, check their body temperature, clean and disinfect the store daily, and provide hand sanitizers for customers.

    If you are interested in the specific service benefits on Service Day, feel free to ask our local service specialist team. Welcome to enjoy OPPO Service Day! Click HERE to know more about Service Day

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