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  • 2024-05-24
  • Perfect Your Photos with AI Eraser

    The transition from the "smart era" to the "AI era" may have already begun. Tech companies are embracing the AI space and pushing forward rapid innovations, and the latest from OPPO is the intuitive Eraser feature. Your images can now be perfected with ease.

    OPPO AI Eraser1 puts you in complete control of your photography. Simply circle the area you want to remove and improve. Then, the function will generate content that seamlessly blends with the surroundings. Don't believe me? Just watch:

    Great, but exactly how useful is it? Well, turns out, very. Read on to discover the various use cases we've envisioned and experienced ourselves with this incredible AI.

    Snap the Tourist Traps

    You're on vacation in a beautiful scenic spot or visiting a famous attraction. You get ready for the perfect selfie, a nice couple photo, or you just want to capture the landscape. Unfortunately, you realize you're bombarded with a crowd of tourists. A guy's eating a hotdog over your shoulder. Someone absentmindedly walked into your frame. A seagull flew overhead and messed up your skyline. We've all experienced this frustration.

    Never fear. AI Eraser is here. Crowd control might be the number one benefit of this tool, and it'll save you time on your holiday adventures. You won't have to wake up at 5 am to beat the crowds or camp out at a certain spot waiting for the right moment. Make sure your pose is perfect, and AI Eraser will do the rest. Photobombers are going out of business.

    Turns Out You CAN Erase the Past

    You've got yourself the perfect new display picture. You're looking great against the backdrop of gorgeous scenery, like the balloons of Cappadocia, the blue and white Santorini architecture, or the vast Grand Canyon. Or, you're chilling at home on the sofa, but you look so cool and casual. There's only one problem—your ex is in the photo. Well as the sub-heading says, with AI Eraser, you can change the past.

    Okay, that's a little harsh, but the point remains: we used to edit with scissors and glue. You can always duplicate the image before you erase the person. That way, you get a stunning new profile pic and save your precious memories (hey, sometimes relationships end amicably). By the way, it's not just exes this is useful for—you can also remove third wheels. If your buddy tagged along but got in the way of a cute couple pic, just circle, erase, and perfect. To be clear, it's about getting the image you wish you had at the time, an opportunity to recreate those moments you can't go back to, not (literally) about removing people from your life.

    Master of Illusion

    We've been through some common scenarios, but there's ample room to get creative. AI Eraser opens up a bunch of opportunities to realize your visions with photo-realistic effects. Remove a table to make objects float in the air. Turn London into a ghost town like 28 Days Later. Or teach your dog how to skateboard:

    Of course, all these ideas are meant for good fun, and we don't advocate altering photos for deceptive means. Plus, you can come up with even more inventive ideas, and make sure to tag us with #ShotonOPPO for a chance to get featured. The world's your oyster with AI Eraser.

    1. Currently available on the Reno11 Series, Find N2 Flip, Find N3 Series, and Find X7 Series.

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