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  • 2024-01-13
  • OPPO Reno11 Series: A Celebration of Style, Colour, Texture and Nature

    OPPO's commitment to inspiring and creating beauty can be found across its ecosystem. From incredible cameras that empower world-class photography to intuitive and elegant ColorOS experiences, and of course, the unique visual identity of its smartphones; OPPO's elevated design shines through.

    One OPPO smartphone series that has championed standout design since it first launched in 2019 is the Reno family. Unafraid to be different and experiment with dimension, texture and colour while always looking stylish, Reno design turns heads for all the right reasons.

    For its new Reno11 Series, OPPO challenged itself to fuse nature with novel techniques, and visual texture with a seamless finish, evolving its design process to achieve a new level of style. The results are Reno11 and Reno11 Pro.

    Reno11 Pro in Pearl White and Reno11 in Wave Green

    OPPO Reno11 Series: Inspiration

    Creativity begins with inspiration, and as with so much of OPPO's design, the Reno11 Series was inspired by nature itself. Identifying distinct organic elements and distilling their essence into textures and visual flourishes was OPPO's starting point for both Reno11 and Reno11 Pro.

    For Reno11 Pro, OPPO's designers were inspired by the pearl. This precious gemstone naturally forms an almost impossibly perfect shape that glints with poise and playfulness. Unwaveringly interesting to look at, it's as if an entire world lives within each orb, with its endless, shimmering depth set against a smooth, sleek, durable surface.

    Meanwhile, Reno11's inspiration channels motion – green sea waves ebbing and flowing – like the heartbeat of earth itself weaving fluid, dynamic shapes. Richly shimmering like a glistening patina under the sunlight, there's no single colour in a wave, it's a tapestry that flows between azure, green, turquoise, and beyond.

    With this inspiration realised, the next question for the OPPO team was: how to capture such iconic, natural phenomena in its Reno11 Series' design?

    OPPO Reno11 Series: Material & Effect

    To translate the splendour of nature into Reno11 and Reno11 Pro, OPPO's designers began by focusing on dimension and texture. Specifically, they explored techniques to combine natural, organic-looking depth and detail with a perfect in-hand smartphone feel. Having pioneered the OPPO Glow technique, the designers were able to hit the ground running.

    OPPO Glow was developed for the Reno series and marries a fine shimmering lustre with a seamless, uninterrupted feel. This interplay between enticing aesthetics and comfortable in-hand experiences is a perfect starting point, but for Reno11 and Reno11 Pro, the technique had to be taken further.

    Reno11 Pro in Pearl White is made possible by OPPO's Shimmering Pearl Design. This method combines three visually distinct layers, each shining through at different angles. The most surface-level is a textured-looking flourish, atop no less than 3.6 million tiny reflective surfaces that create a signature glimmering lustre. These are set against an almost iridescent pearl-esque sheen.

    For Reno11 in Wave Green, the Shimmering Silk Design was developed. It required a new technique of pattern transfer from natural fabric, integrating silk and reflective metal elements as well as a laser-etching process typically used in semiconductor manufacturing to create a sea of fluid waves along Reno11's curved back.

    What's also exceptionally special about Reno11 Pro in Pearl White is its colour. The purest of tones, if its pigment is even slightly off, its exquisite nature is lost. This is one of the reasons creating Reno11 Pro's exact white finish saw more than 60,000 pieces of glass tested before the final colour and finish were chosen.

    Every Reno11 in Wave Green and Reno11 Pro in Pearl White also delivers an uncompromising mark of consistency and quality. They all glimmer with the same organic-looking patterning, enjoy the same degree of durability, and deliver the same in-hand feel.

    In the hand, Reno11 in Wave Green has a smooth-to-the-touch, polished, glass-like panel, and its light colour and rich visual detailing ensure it looks smudge-free, so its style always shines through. Reno11 Pro, meanwhile adopts a seamlessly frosted glass finish that repels fingerprints, complete with a subtle texture that appears to add yet another dimension to its multi-layered appeal.

    Reno11 and Reno11 Pro also feature elegantly contrasting, geometric Sunshine Ring camera designs. With both phones' Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera Systems within, this setup consists of two confident circles housed within a metallic belt, each circle directing light so focus falls in the lenses, teasing both phones' advanced portrait photography capabilities.

    All this is how OPPO and its exceptional design team harnessed inspiration, creativity, expertise, and style to create Reno11 and Reno11 Pro – inspired by nature, designed by OPPO, and created for you.

    OPPO Reno11 in Wave Green: A Gallery

    OPPO Reno11 Pro in Pearl White: A Gallery

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