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  • 2021-04-30
  • OPPO Find X3 Pro x Hans Zimmer, Unleashing the Power of Sound

    Sound alters our take on the world. It has the power to pick up the everyday moments in our lives and the entertainment that we love, and transform them into something to remember. Something that creates an impact; something that moves us.

    This is why sound is such a critical component of OPPO’s latest smartphones – from ringtones designed by one of the world’s most prolific music composers to the latest in incredible sound technology powered by Dolby.

    The sound of connection
    Grammy- and Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer knows more than most about the connection of sound. Whether that’s composing a soul-shaking score for GLADIATOR, delivering escapism and revelry through the BATMAN trilogy or giving us a feel for the future in Inception, his artistry has transformed some of our favourite movies, awakening our every emotion through the sounds he’s produced.

    Today, he brings that wealth of experience to the OPPO Find X3 Pro, with two Hans Zimmer-created ringtones and an orchestra of system sounds, to create a smartphone that sounds as good as its sophisticated, futuristic looks.

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    The sound of connection
    Inspired by the Find X3 Pro’s spirit of human-centric innovation and exploration, this new collection of sounds creates a level of depth and emotion unheard on a smartphone. It delivers something fittingly beautiful to people’s lives with every notification and every connection.

    That’s important because the subtle beeps, pings and rings that come from our smartphones aren’t empty sounds – they’re the sounds that bring us together. They’re the lifeline to our friends and family, bringing familiar voices and words of love.

    They deliver life-changing news – stories of births and of loss, of career progressions, house moves and surprise get togethers. They’re the “how are you?” from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and the “just because” from the one you speak to every day. They signal a connection with those we love, which helps to keep us on track with life, work, education and health.

    By altering our mindset to see these sounds for what they really are, Zimmer finally gives them the recognition and attention they deserve, bringing joy to these seemingly small moments, all inspired by the Find Series’ spirit.

    Speaking of the collaboration, Hans Zimmer said: “Our whole world changed because of the pandemic, and it changed in one very fundamental way. The idea of physical contact has disappeared. I felt somehow that it was my duty as a musician to figure out how to replace a little bit of that spirit.

    “That’s what our phones are doing these days, they connect us. I want this ringtone to open a door that says there’s a possibility to feel something.”

    The new sounds include two warm ringtones, a gentle alarm and a phone activation sound, plus a range of energising text and notification alerts. Find X3 Pro users will receive a download from the end of March that will include a link to experience them for the first time.

    Just like colour, music is a language that stirs our emotions, and Zimmer’s simple yet epic notes inspire optimism and joy with every alert. By pushing forward with its ground-breaking billion colour display technology, combined with an audio performance that celebrates our every connection, the Find X3 Pro is a smartphone intrinsically linked to the happiness and enjoyment in human experience.

    Feel your in entertainment come to life with Dolby Atmos
    Just like its billion colour display, the Find X3 Pro pushes the boundaries that we’ve come to expect from smartphone sound, to deliver an unrivalled audio performance that will do your movies and music proud.

    With Dolby Atmos in the Find X3 Pro, users can expect incredible audio quality with new levels of detail, depth, and realism through the powerful built-in dual stereo speakers or headphones. The result is a greater sense of space and clarity with every listen, making entertainment  more lifelike and powerful.

    For films, the Find X3 Pro’s dedicated Movie mode cleverly expands the soundfield to serve up cinematic sound on-the-go, while the Ambient Sound detection helps to optimise your listening experience based on your surroundings. With the Find X3 Pro and Dolby Atmos, you can expect a fuller, richer audio performance wherever you are.

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