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  • 2020-08-12
  • How OPPO Flash Charging, VOOC & SuperVOOC are Super Safe

    How OPPO Flash Charging, VOOC & SuperVOOC are Super Safe

    OPPO has been a leading innovator in the flash charging space since the first commercial release of VOOC in 2014. The new generation of OPPO’s charging hardware combines super-fast charging speeds with industry leading safety and security features.

    While 5G technology and greater power requirements for mobile handsets have created new challenges for both wired and wireless charging, OPPO has worked to ensure that users don’t need to sacrifice safety or efficiency for charging speed. Each of OPPO’s fast chargers, handsets, and wires are packed with new features to make the fastest charging available even safer and more secure. By taking a holistic approach to developing charging hardware, OPPO has minimized potential safety hazards and risks to provide an ultra-fast and secure charging experience.

    Earlier this year, OPPO announced its cutting-edge 125W flash charge technology, setting a new charging speed record for mobile phones. In only 5 minutes, the 125W flash charge can charge a mobile phone’s 4,000mAh battery up to 41%, and to 100% in just 20 minutes at the fastest rate. Leading the industry-wide charging technology revolution, the 125W flash charge fully conforms to OPPO's stringent security and safety standards.

    OPPO’s 125W flash chargers include 10 newly added temperature sensors, in order to provide the latest in real-time temperature monitoring and control while delivering the highest charging speeds possible. This enhanced temperature monitoring ensures the device body never exceeds 40℃ during 125W charging with the screen turned off. OPPO’s smart charging strategy can quickly adjust charging power on the fly in order to maximize safety and efficiency, even while the device is in use.

    OPPO’s 125W flash charger adopts a five-fold safety protection system including a specially customized intelligent control chip that regulates voltage, current, and temperature to deliver the safest charging experience on the market. OPPO’s 125W chargers have four built-in heat pumps, designed and tested to guarantee an extremely safe solution to heat management during charging. OPPO has also included a stronger, proprietary 128-bit encryption algorithm to increase security and prevent any attempted tampering with firmware.

    Finally, each charging system is type C to type C, providing a highly reliable low-impedance interface between the charger and handset and giving users the versatility they need to charge multiple devices. OPPO’s groundbreaking 125W flash charging, VOOC, and SuperVOOC technologies allow users to safely push the limits of charging speeds, without sacrificing efficiency.

    Recognized for Safety and Security, OPPO’s Find X2 Pro Sets the Bar for Fast Charging

    The Find X2 Pro sets the bar for OPPO’s pursuit of the fastest and most efficient charging available in the market right now. With its 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charger, the Find X2’s 4260 mAh battery can be charged to 40% power in 10 minutes, and fully charged in just 38 minutes. OPPO’s SuperVOOC wireless chargers are certified by TÜV Rheinland, in recognition of their ultra-safe fast charging capabilities. Along with its counterparts, the Find X2 Pro also includes customized battery safety monitoring systems which monitor battery integrity in real time, further enhancing the SuperVOOC charging experience.

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