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  • 2022-03-31
  • Experience a vibrant world of color with the OPPO Find X5 Pro

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro has the most advanced display ever seen in an OPPO phone: The 1 Billion Colour Bionic Display. It uses a 120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate with multi-brightness color calibration, 8192-level bionic dimming and support for HDR10+, among other highlights.

    A phone screen is the portal through which you watch movies, but does your phone’s display let you experience the twinkling stars of the night sky or the lush verdant greens of a rainforest as the director intended?

    More than ever we use a phone display to chat face-to-face with loved ones. But will it let you see their expressions in perfect clarity even if they call as you walk through a park bathed in bright sunlight?

    These reasons, and hundreds more, are why the quality of the 6.7-inch 1 Billion Colour Bionic Display of the OPPO Find X5 Pro matters. In this generation of the Find series, OPPO has taken a renewed focus not just on display quality, but how our eyes see.

    We live in the world, not a laboratory, cycling through a dozen environments each day with phone in hand or pocket. The OPPO Find X5 Pro screen is made to shift to suit them all, and do so with such subtlety your eyes will not even notice the change. You can simply experience the rich wonder of OPPO’s latest screen imaging technology.

    We will look further into how this is achieved, but the simple visual impact of the OPPO Find X5 Pro cannot go unmentioned. Its 6.7-inch ultra-clear AMOLED curved screen is matched with ultra-tough contoured Gorilla Glass Victus protection for flagship-grade drop and scratch resistance.

    The curve catches the light, a charming visual effect in itself, but also helps OPPO achieve a superb 92.7% screen to body ratio. This maximizes the canvas for your favorite apps, games and photos, relative to the size of the phone.

    The world in color

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro displays more than 1 billion colorsThe OPPO Find X5 Pro displays more than 1 billion colors

    And what do we need to make that content look its best? Color. However, just as an artist might spend years learning color theory to realize their pieces on canvas, the OPPO Find X5 Pro carefully selects its color tones to offer the optimal balance of vividness and accuracy.

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro 1 Billion Colour AMOLED display is capable of rendering 100% of the colors in the DCI P3 gamut, the standard used by Hollywood colourists to perfect movies for big-screen reproduction. Careful calibration is key here, though. The Find X5 Pro has received one of the highest accolades available to phones as a result, a DisplayMate A+ rating.

    You can expect naturally rendered skin tones, undiluted by other shades that might take you out of the moment. This realism holds even as the lighting around you changes. Our vision is relative, affected by the color and intensity of ambient lighting, but the OPPO Find X5 Pro will shift its reproduction to match.

    Its advanced color engine will also adapt the array of colors used to match the content. If you edit holiday photos, you can rest assured the bright tones of tropical flowers and deep oranges, reds and umbers of an ocean sunset are not simply flattered by the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s rich display. Such memories are made for sharing with others.

    Accuracy in all places

    New for this generation of Find phones, the OPPO Find X5 Pro also offers multi-point color calibration. Most phones, even those with excellent-quality displays, are made to look their best at a specific brightness level. OPPO’s Find X5 Pro is tuned for peak performance at the display power used both indoors and outdoors. Perfect display calibration is like a fragile ornament, broken by changes in multiple factors, but OPPO adjusts to compensate for them all.

    However, color tone is not always the most important factor in a phone display. Brightness matters more if you are out at a picnic with friends and want to video call another who couldn’t make it. Or if you want to compose a picture of a sun-baked beach while on holiday. The OPPO Find X5 Pro’s screen panel provides peak brightness of a searing 1300 nits, enough to cut through the most dazzling sunny days.

    Such versatility is just as important at the other extreme. In a dark room our pupils constrict, making even a dim phone screen seem ultra-bright, even painful. The OPPO Find X5 Pro can simmer all the way down to 20 nits of brightness, so you can read articles or watch videos under the covers in comfort.

    And if you do like the sound of a display mode primed for cozy night in, you will also appreciate the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s blue light filter. This reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, which can affect your sleeping patterns.

    It’s a screen made for all occasions. But fidelity plays a part here too. The OPPO Find X5 Pro’s Auto Brightness mode can tune the display to 8192-level bionic dimming levels.

    These let the screen dim and intensify with natural smoothness. The sun doesn’t rise and set in juddering steps, so why should your phone?

    The display is even tuned to match the logarithmic way our eyes perceive light. In a dim room a subtle change in the light level can seem dramatic, but outdoors in the sun a relatively huge jump can barely be perceptible.

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro’s brightness scaling mirrors the way our eyes and brains function, with 12 scaling modes. These gears of modulation alter the rate at which display power changes depending on its current level. The end result is it appears smooth, consistent and pleasantly gradual to our eyes in all conditions.

    Life at high frame rates

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro's adaptive refresh rate automatically adjusts between 1-120HzThe OPPO Find X5 Pro's adaptive refresh rate automatically adjusts between 1-120Hz

    At every turn you find another way the OPPO Find X5 Pro display is made in harmony with our eyes. The 120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate further enhances the smoothness provided by the fine-grain brightness control and self-calibrating color enhancement. It lets Android apps display at twice the usual frame rate, making menus glide with such grace the term “scroll” no longer seems to do them justice.

    The Find X series has had a 120Hz refresh rate since the OPPO Find X2 Pro, but the Find X5 Pro can scale its refresh rate more dramatically than ever before. It can drop as low as 1Hz for static content, refreshing pixels just once a second, use 60Hz for apps that don’t support 120Hz, and the full rate for ultra-smooth scrolling in others. Some less advanced high refresh rate screens are stuck at 120Hz, wasting power for no benefit.

    Dynamic refresh rate is an efficiency feature you are not meant to notice in action.

    However, you will notice its effect in another area: battery life. A low refresh rate reduces power consumption, letting you spend more time enjoying the power of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in the latest games before needing to give the 5000mAh battery a turbo 80W SuperVOOC Flash Charge and 50W AirVOOC Wireless Flash Charge to top-up. Or spend longer relaxing with an HDR movie, which will show off all the display benefits we have already talked about.

    The OPPO Find X5 Pro supports HDR10+ video as standard, and even if your feel-good childhood favorite is not available in HDR, the advanced video engine can upscale it to HDR. Give an old classic a new lease of life.

    A display like this enhances countless moments in your day. It makes composing photos easier outdoors, is a great way to watch movies on-the-go, and can adapt to your needs in almost every situation. Setting new standards for smartphones, there’s something everyone can appreciate in the OPPO Find X5 Pro screen.

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