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  • 2020-04-14
  • Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ Ultra Vision Camera System

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ Ultra Vision Camera System

    “The images these cameras take are packed with detail, thanks to all those megapixels. You’ll be able to pick out individual leaves and strands of grass in photos, while also maintaining a good depth-of-field.”
    -Tom Fogden, Tech.co

    Versatile Ultra Vision Tri-Camera System
    OPPO Find X2 Series introduces OPPO’s most powerful tri-camera system – which features a 48MP wide angle camera with customized flagship sensor, 48MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and 13MP periscope telephoto camera. OPPO Find X2 Series is well equipped to provide creators with diverse imaging and filming tools including Ultra-wide Angle, Ultra Night Mode, High Resolution Video, Telephoto Mode, and much more.

    “The Find X2 Pro’s photos are great. It can actually capture 12bit color, which should in theory allow for even more accurate captures than the 10bit and 8bit standards we’ve seen before.”
    - MrWhoseTheBoss

    OPPO Find X2 Pro is also equipped with advanced 12bit image capturing, pushing the dynamic range and image processing accuracy of photos you take to new heights.

    48MP Wide Angle Main Camera
    OPPO Find X2 Pro’s main camera adopts a customized 48MP Sony Sensor with incredible light capturing ability, focusing ability, and sharp image resolution.

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ Ultra Vision Camera System

    Dual Native ISO
    OPPO Find X2 Pro supports dual native ISO technology, which automatically adjusts light-sensing according to the given scenario. In dimly lit environments, Find X2 Pro will automatically adjust to high ISO in order to brighten and reduce image noise. In bright environments, it will adopt low ISO to increase the dynamic range and color performance.

    48MP Ultra-wide-angle Camera
    OPPO Find X2 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle camera with Sony IMX586 sensor establishes a maximal 120-degree wide angle, ensuring consistently high definition wide-angle shots. Experience the visual sensation that a wider, clearer field of view brings to your shots.

    “I’ve been really happy with two things – sharpness and color. This camera just nails white balance often – tones and hues and skin tones – in general color is very accurate.”
    -Marques Brownlee

    13MP Periscope Telephoto Camera
    OPPO Find X2 Pro’s 13MP upright camera enables 5x hybrid zoom, up to 60x digital zoom, and the amazingly luminescent Ultra Night Mode 3.0.

    Ultra Night Mode 3.0
    All three of OPPO Find X2 Pro’s rear cameras offer an astonishingly clear night mode which further enhances the tri-camera system’s uniformity and shot quality in dimly lit environments.

    Ultra Macro Mode
    When within 10cm of the photo’s subject, OPPO Find X2 Pro will automatically switch to Ultra Macro Mode, which can capture the most finite details from dewdrops on a leaf to the microscopic lines on a flower petal. 48MP of super-high image resolution enables OPPO Find X2 Pro to capture every subtle detail of the micro universe.

    Capture All Subtle Details with 10x Hybrid Zoom
    Second-generation 10x Hybrid Zoom supports up to 60x digital zoom with extremely clear and smooth image quality.

    “If you want a wide angle image that keeps the integrity of the photo the best, keeps all the details, and allows you to crop in without blurriness – you’ll probably want to go with the wide angle camera of the OPPO Find X2.”
    -Ben Sin

    More Professional Filming – Effortlessly

    Live HDR Filming Enhances Backlit Shooting – Filming videos in backlit environments enables Find X2 Pro’s Live HDR filming function, which makes both highlights and shadows sharper and clearer.

    Color Gradation & Performance – OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with Wide Color Gamut and uses color gradation transitioning which matches the power of the display for the ultimate color-viewing experience.

    Upgraded Backlighting Algorithm – OPPO’s upgraded HDR photography algorithm enhances the ability to accurately capture everything in both photos and videos – whether you’re filming in backlit or super-bright environments, OPPO Find X2 Pro has you covered.

    Ultra-Wide Angle Anti-Shake Video – Performance comparable to professional motion cameras – OPPO’s Ultra Steady Video 2.0 is one of the best anti-shake technologies in the industry. Even extremely shaky, action-packed scenarios like mountain biking and skateboarding can be captured with incredible smoothness.

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ Ultra Vision Camera System

    Summary: OPPO Find X2 Series Ultra Vision Camera System
    From a versatile tri-camera system with customized Sony IMX689 sensor to 10x hybrid zoom to Ultra-steady Video 2.0 – OPPO Find X2 Series is packed with the tools necessary to make every digital artist’s dreams a reality.

    We strive to continuously exceed user expectations with cutting-edge visual and photographic experiences.

    Want to share the gorgeous shots you take with your OPPO Find X2 device? Be sure to tag us with #OPPOFanView on Instagram for a chance to be featured in future content!

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