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  • 2022-10-28
  • 5 Ways a Smartwatch Makes You Healthier

    5 Ways a Smartwatch Makes You Healthier

    Smartwatches are rapidly turning essential. With the ever-expanding Internet of Things, wearables have cemented their place as a highly-desirable companion to your phone and earbuds. There are several reasons: functionality, convenience, and style. But one factor is emerging as a driving force behind smartwatch popularity: Health.

    And health doesn’t only mean a calorie tracker or a step counter. It means mental well-being, physical fitness, mindfulness, and more. So, take a deep breath and discover five ways a smartwatch makes you healthier.

    1. Sleep Smarter

    Sleep Smarter

    In a hectic, fast-changing, coffee-crazed world, a good night’s sleep can become an afterthought. But you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of shut-eye. Are you getting your 7-9 hours per night? Even if you are, is it a restful sleep?

    Smartwatches can help you analyze the specifics of your sleep quality. In particular, OSleep on OPPO Watch Free provides a comprehensive sleep report from before, during, and after bedtime, including SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. It will also track your deep sleep and any disturbances during the night, so you can figure out what's keeping you up. OPPO Watch Free even monitors your snoring habits with Snore Assessment, which analyzes your sleep report and detects your risk of breathing problems. Thanks to these features, you can pinpoint the problems with your sleep cycle, detect health issues earlier, and feel fresher come morning.

    2. Stop Doomscrolling

    But what if you’re struggling to get to sleep in the first place? We’ve all been there: on a YouTube binge, display as bright as the sun, telling ourselves, “Just one more video.” Maybe you’re doomscrolling the latest tragic world news. Or perhaps you’re addicted to the hottest new app game. Bad habits are hard to stop, but an effective smartwatch can help.

    Less sleep can affect your mental health, which is just as critical as your physical health. OPPO Watch Free will alert you with bedtime or late-night reminders when it’s time to get some rest. If you lost track of time, it’s a gentle suggestion that you should probably get in those pajamas and brush your teeth. Oh, you’re still ignoring it? Fair enough. At least with Sleep Mode activated, OPPO Watch Free will automatically mute notifications and turn your linked phone’s interface gray. This enables fewer distractions and will make your phone less addictive.

    3. Mind Your Mindfulness

    Most of us have busy lives, frantic work schedules, or stress in some form or another, and breaks might be few and far between. Sometimes, however, it’s worthwhile to take a moment and focus on our mindfulness. Be it meditation, yoga, or a simple calming app - our smartwatch can help us readjust. Find your center.

    Most smartwatches provide a mindfulness app, and OPPO Watch Free is no different. The Breathing feature tells you how long to inhale and exhale, allowing you to compose yourself and destress. Speaking of stress, the wearable also tracks your HRV (Heart Rate Variability), calculating whether your active state needs exercise or relaxation – perfect for when your workload gets on top of you. Then there are the classic Daily Activity functions, which give you that extra nudge to get moving or stand up when you’ve been sedentary for too long (standing desks, anyone?). All these tools combine to help you pursue and maintain a better mental state. Remember, taking a break is self-care at its finest.

    4. Workouts for Every Occasion

    Workouts for Every Occasion

    A healthy lifestyle isn’t complete without a healthy workout routine, and we can’t talk about smartwatches without talking about fitness. They've come a long way from step counters. Now, many wearables can adapt your calorie tracking to suit your exact type of exercise. If you’re precise about your calorie intake, these features are crucial for maintaining accuracy. Don’t end up out of shape because of math!

    Playing table tennis? There’s a workout for that. Doing archery? There’s a workout for that. Going skiing? That’s right: there’s a workout for that. OPPO Watch Free features over 100 different workout modes, tailor-made for whatever sport or exercise you want to try. It will automatically identify four different exercises, in case you forgot to select: running, walking, rowing machine, and elliptical machine. With a 5ATM Water-proof rating, you can also record your laps in the swimming pool without fear of damage. No matter how you like to keep fit, you can personalize your OPPO Watch Free to support your goal to get swole.

    5. The Heart of the Matter

    Whether you’re out for a leisurely stroll or high-intensity interval training, it’s wise to keep an eye on your heart. As many fitness fanatics will know, it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether you’re simply feeling the burn or pushing yourself too hard. Could you keep going a little more, or are you exhausted and need a break? Thankfully, a smartwatch can help you out.

    As well as 24-hour heart monitoring, OPPO Watch Free utilizes five exercise heart rate zones, so you know exactly how much you exerted yourself. With running in particular, you can set specific courses to achieve your goal: easy, fat-burning, endurance, and interval. The smartwatch will then hold your hand, so to speak, and guide you toward your training objective. Even if you’re not exercising, OPPO Watch Free will send you a heart rate warning if it's beating too slow or too fast. This means you can go about your day or workout with the comfort that your wearable is looking out for you.

    Health should be top of our priorities. With the advances made in smartwatch tech, there are now more options than ever to support our fitness or mental well-being, with many more to come. Hopefully, these methods can help you better look after yourself. Stay safe out there!

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