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  • 2020-04-16
  • 4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Peter

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Peter

    Following the release of Find X2 series, OPPO invited four creative young entrepreneurs to learn more about it in our OPPO Find X2 Unboxing series. We gave each of them a new OPPO Find X2 Pro to explore and work around with in their active daily lives.

    Each of the four creatives leads a busy lifestyle with many work and social activities to organize and attend throughout the day; OPPO Find X2 Pro quickly became a trusty creative companion for Peter, Wisse, Awura, and Quintin. Our goal is to supply creatives and OPPO fans everywhere with the ultimate smartphone experience – going above and beyond user expectations to help streamline your life.

    OPPO Find X2 Series – The Ultimate Creative Companion

    OPPO Find X2 series is unique in that it combines the ultimate screen, camera, and battery all in one device.

    OPPO’s smoothest and most responsive screen features a 120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision display, 240Hz touch sampling rate, 10bit color depth, and receives an A+ DisplayMate grade.

    The advanced Ultra Vision tri-camera system includes many incredible features – including Ultra Night Mode 3.0, Ultra Macro Mode, super steady Anti-Shake Video, and 10x Hybrid Zoom – which are useful for photographers, vloggers, and content creators alike.

    To support long days of power usage, OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with 4260mAh of battery capacity and the almighty SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging system – which not only supplies your phone with enough energy to last throughout the day, but also enables Find X2 Pro’s battery to be fully charged from 0 to 100 in just under 35 minutes.

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Peter

    Introducing Peter Leung
    Filled with passion, dedication, and creative energy – Peter Leung is a renowned ballet dancer, choreographer, and stage director. He is a member of the Dutch National Ballet and House of Makers, and was featured in Elle Magazine’s tribute to International Dance Day – depicted as, “the world’s most inspiring and incredibly pliable ballet dancers to follow on Instagram, whose movements are always on pointe.”

    Peter is always on the go, working in a variety of areas and different cities. He focuses primarily on the preparation and production aspects of stage theatre performance. He needs a phone that can keep up with his highly mobile, active and coordinative lifestyle in order to simplify his life.

    To learn more about how OPPO Find X2 Series can assist Peter in his creative journey, we brought a Find X2 Pro to his dance studio.

    Peter has an intensely on-the-go lifestyle that involves constant connection and production – meaning that a smartphone which optimizes his communication, preparation, and recording is invaluable to his creative process.

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Peter

    What OPPO Find X2 Series Means to Peter

    Peter often takes videos during his rehearsals and performances for future reference or to share on social media. The ability to capture elegant, fluid movements in impeccably smooth high resolution is extremely beneficial to the practice and development of dance.

    OPPO Find X2 Pro features a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera built specifically for professional grade video recording. Its Sony IMX708 sensor is specially designed for capturing top quality wide-angle video with anti-shake performance.

    “I can’t really just focus on one person. I need to see the composition of the whole space. (With) Ultra-wide shot, I’m getting a really good view of the whole theater.”

    -Peter Leung

    OPPO’s Ultra Steady Video 2.0 offers anti-shake video performance comparable to professional motion cameras; by combining Ultra Steady Video Pro mode with OPPO Find X2 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle camera, users can access broader anti-shake video. With Find X2 Pro in hand, Peter can now capture all of the action taking place on stage with completely uninterrupted precision.

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Peter

    Peter is constantly on the go, meaning that carrying around lots of recording equipment from location to location is a tiresome burden. With OPPO Find X2 series, users can now hold the power of a professional camera system in their pockets.

    Peter’s Find X2 Pro also streamlines the communication flow among his peers, since all of his social media, messaging, and media-related apps are kept in one place and are ready to share content at any moment.

    Prior to receiving the Reno X2 Pro, Peter reports having had to charge his phone upwards of twice a day – which is especially inconveniencing when always on the go. OPPO Find X2 series features a massive 4260mAh battery capacity and is capable of a full charge in just under 35 minutes with the power of SuperVOOC 2.0.

    With OPPO Find X2 Pro’s smooth, high resolution recording, convenient communication and video sharing, Peter Leung has taken his dance choreography to the next level. Are you prepared to Uncover the Ultimate?

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