• Press Release
  • 2021-06-01
  • OPPOHack Global Innovation Competition is around the corner!

    The OPPOHack Global Innovation Competition is finally here!
    With interactive workshops, networking activities, a bounty of prizes, and precious investment opportunities, OPPOHack Global Innovation Competition is ready to welcome tech startups and innovative projects to our international event of the year.
    This year, the competition revolves around the concept of “Sensation and Perception” along with three sub-themes of Connected Car System, Immersive Experience (AR/VR & Gaming), and Robotics. OPPOHack Global Innovation Competition aims to build an international platform for entrepreneurship and next-generation innovation.
    We create, therefore we are.

    Participant Eligibility
    Upon registration, contestants will be required to submit their personal information and/or company information.
    Choose one or more themes and select to participate in either the "Seeding Group" or "Growing Group". Scrutinies will be conducted throughout the entire competition.
    Please visit oppohack.com for more information.

    Event Schedule (PDT)
    Preliminary Screening 2021/06/01 - 2021/08/01
    Finalist Announcement 2021/08/07 - 2021/08/08
    Final Event Date 2021/08/14 - 2021/08/15

    Sign up HERE to stay tuned!

    Founded in 2004, OPPO is the world's leading smart device brand and innovator, and one of the top smartphone brands globally. Our business covers 40+ countries and regions in 6 continents, with 40,000+ employees, 80+ top operator partners, and 400,000+ retail outlets around the world. OPPO is aiming to leap into the future, and rigorously build loT ecosystem to become a leader in a fully connected intelligent world.

    Event partner:HackHub
    HackHub is a cloud-base smart competition platform founded by a team of hackathon enthusiasts from North America. Since 2016, it has hosted competitions from around the world based on themes of education, finance, medical care, artificial intelligence, blockchain etc. It has successfully gathered world-class innovators, designers and outstanding programmers from around the globe. Today, HackHub has assisted hundreds of competitions from home and abroad.

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